The Vault - Lazy Man's Penetrations

Magic download (video) by Danny Urbanus
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The Vault - Lazy Man's Penetrations

10.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Danny Urbanus ($10.00)

"This is so visual, I can watch it all day"

  • Hanson Chien

This is Lazy Man's Penetrations, the best rubber band penetration you will ever see.

An updated version of Bacon Fire's Lazy man penetration/Lazy go. It was already a dream coming true.

But it just got better. Now instantly penetrate a pen in and out of a rubber band -- even penetrate it thru both layers of the rubber band. This is so visual it seems like visual effects.

You will learn 2 versions. Penetrate a pen thru the top layer of the rubber band in and out Penetrate a pen thru both layers of the rubber band.

  • Easy to do
  • Impromptu
  • No gimmicks

So get a rubber band and a pen and let's learn Lazy Man's Penetrations!

What people say about Lazy Man's Penetrations:

"You must try this!"

  • Bacon Fire

"Undeniably one of the strongest pieces of rubber band magic I have ever seen!"

  • Joe Pequerrucho

Download the video and start learning!


Customer reviews for The Vault - Lazy Man's Penetrations



Fantastic effect! I usually have a few rubber bands on me just in case and this just follows up so well after my Crazy Man's Handcuffs. You owe it to yourself to at least give ti a try to learn it. It is a bit knacky and depending on your finder shape you will need to play around with it, but hey anything this good takes some work. Bravo good sir!



Genuinely fantastic effect that looks exactly like the demo video. An additional video was also added with some further tips, plus a super nice handling with a broken band (one strand).



It was easy to do for me, took a couple of hours, I have some experience with rubber bands, it will take longer to make it look as clean as danny. I think is worth the money, the teaching is pretty clear and the effect looks like a camera trick. 5/5





works well when you follow his instructions



wow, it's so visual magic





Fantastic effect. Really fun to practice and great for social media. Not really sure I could work it in a gig yet but maybe a good prelude to Crazy man's handcuffs.

I wish it can be done with the spectator holding the objects but maybe that's a concept in the sequel



Well worth the price looks like real magic! put in the time and practice !



Now this one is a worker.It took a little longer to get this down. I'm sure we all have crazy man's handcuffs.Of course this is the predecessor.If this is mixed in with some more power rubber band routines it could be a winner. Mix it with Marcus Eddie's Stairway Or anything from Dr.Cyril Thomas. I've been using this for walk around at my restaurant.



It`s so visual and great


Community questions about The Vault - Lazy Man's Penetrations

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  • Robert asks: What‘s the running time of this download?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's 9m20s video
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  • Christofer asks: At 4:10 in video when releasing the band, it always gets stuck on my thumb. I don't know how to get around this :-( In the video it works perfectly, obviously... I seem to be doing the same thing, but it gets stuck.... what tips are there to avoid that? PS: I hope there is an update for this video because there are no mentions of band tensions, where to keep tense or loose. I think this would have helped me avoid the issue, not sure.

    • 1. Kim answers: Best to try and speak to Danny about this
    • 2. Danny answers: Hi Chris, Thank you for getting LMP, sorry to hear it's not working the way you want to. Some tips I can give you is to twist the palms inwards a little (so the thumbs more pointing to each other)so the rubber band can release easier. An other problem could be that the pen is too much on the base of the thumb, so getting it more to the nail of the thumb could help. Sorry about the tention, but I can not teach that one, It is always different depending on the rubber band. A new fresh band is different that an old one. So you need to play with it to find what is best for you. Hope it helps? If you have any other questions let me know. I am happy to help:)
    • 3. Christofer answers: Hi, I have been able to do it as instructed. Here is my best video.
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  • Allan asks: Does this need to use a Sharpie, or can it be done with any pen?

    • 1. Tony answers: It can be done with any pen
    • 2. Tony answers: I mean any pen with similar size
    • 3. Danny answers: Hi Tony, It can be done with any pen size object. If you go to my instagram. I have a story highlight called #nopen and it is a fun bit where I use a lot of object instead of a pen. I used phones, business cards, bottles, bread, spoons and many more things. So try different things if it would work. But a lot is possible;)
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  • Erin asks: What are the angles on this?

    • 1. Christofer answers: What 180 degrees? From my experience with this I am able to get around 60 degrees. Um... from memory, the video does not talk about angles, nor how to hide tricky parts. Anyone disagree then show me what it looks like after the setup from multiple angles.
    • 2. James answers: About 180 degrees.
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  • Cody asks: could this be done with an ordinary office pen? it's less likely i carry a sharpie than a regular pen around

    • 1. Jeffrey answers: You can do with a regular pen :D
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