The Vault - Space Bander

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The Vault - Space Bander

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Magic download (video) by Skymember Presents and Dr. Cyril Thomas ($9.95)

Dr. Cyril Thomas, the innovative mind behind Psychobands, returns with another amazing visual masterpiece!

Space Bander is an unbelievably visual and powerful rubber band penetration magic trick that anyone can perform. It is not only remarkably practical, but is also super easy to do.

After presenting two rubber bands and stretching them out, you borrow a bill from a spectator and ask them to place it in-between the two rubber bands. Without any cover, you magically move the rubber bands into another dimension, where they impossibly penetrate a borrowed bill.

Space Bander is also very versatile. You don't just need to use a bill. You can use all sorts of borrowed objects like playing cards, credit cards or even their finger.

This download features comprehensive instructions in English and multiple handlings from Calvin Liew, creator of the Art of Rubber Band (AORB) project. You'll learn everything you need to know to start performing Space Bands right away.


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The method is pretty ingenious, and i'm pretty familiar with rubber band magic, it's also pretty fun to practice. You can make almost anything pass through the rubber bands so i'll probably be using this a lot with a variety of objects.

The Vault - Space Bander by Skymember Presents and Dr. Cyril Thomas