The Vault - The Marvelous Pencyclopedia

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The Vault - The Marvelous Pencyclopedia

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Magic download (video) by Tom Crosbie ($24.95)

Turn your everyday un-gimmicked Sharpie into a lethal magic weapon!

Welcome to the Marvelous Pencyclopeadia by Tom Crosbie and Marvelous FX. On this download you will find a comprehensive library of moves and sleights using the Magician's favorite pen - The Sharpie.

It also features moves and routines with kind permission from:

Rune Klan Rick Merrill Johan Stahl Garrett Thomas Flip Hallema Greg Wilson


Flip stick False transfer Flip Stick reproduction Slide vanish No hands display No hands vanish (and production) Vertical Flip Stick production Vertical Flip Stick vanish Lightening Vanish Basic Production Breakaway Vanish Figaro Production F.U. Pen Production


Thrust Change Sideways Thrust Blink Change Paintbrush Change Spellbound Change Figaro Change Knee Bounce Pen Change Spellbound 1 Spellbound 2 Slide Change To Coin Downward Thrust Coin To Pen Centre Coin Production Knee Bounce Change Strike Vanish Coin From Cap 1 Coin From Cap 2


Waistcoat Pocket Button Holdout and retrieve Waistcoating T-shirt Sleeving Vernon Holdout Sleeving Vanish Throw Vanish Loading and Holding Out Jumbo Pen Arc Vanish Pen Clip Holdout Misdirection Burn Braces Holdout


Coin In Cap Pen Thru Table


One Pen No Sleeves Figaro Multiple Production Jazzing Without Sleeves Pen Behind The Ear Impromptu Hit-man Jazzing With Sleeves Impromptu 2 2 Pens And A Coin

Download the video and learn!


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So much great material download this if you want to learn the best pen magic out there

The Vault - The Marvelous Pencyclopedia by Tom Crosbie