The Vault - The Sticky-Note Slide

Magic download (video) by Tyler Twombly
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The Vault - The Sticky-Note Slide

9.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Tyler Twombly ($9.95)

As seen on Season 5 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, The Sticky-Note Slide by Tyler Twombly is an extensive hour-long tutorial on the most visual, yet practical, methods for performing moving ink effects close-up.

"We love the act!"
- Penn Jillette

"This is a deeply personalized, organic and extraordinarily deceptive modern masterpiece."
- Jeff McBride

" will leave them scratching their heads in disbelief"
- David Oliver, Genii Magazine

You will learn:

The Original Routine, where any letter, number, shape, or symbol is drawn in permanent marker in one corner of a sticky-note, only to be moved 3 times visibly. The performer then immediately gives the sticky-note to the audience member. This routine has several distinct variations that are appropriate for different performance situations.

The Hearts Routine, where two hearts connected by Cupid's arrow are merged into one, simultaneously bringing the initials of two people together visually. This is generally quicker to perform, but has a high emotional impact.

And finally, Zen Archery, a two-phase routine where the performer first predicts the location of an imagined hole on an archery target drawn on a sticky-note-a completely free choice with no forces or nail writers. Next, the audience member is taught how to move that hole to the bulls-eye magically in their own hand using their imagination.

Also included:

  • Six alternative presentations, including "Moving Dot" and "HOLE." These are simplified and quick variations that are excellent for walk-around
  • Quick, quicker, and instant reset options for all routines
  • Detailed, clear visual explanations of all methods used to create and utilize the gimmicks to maximum effect
  • NO magnets
  • NO threads
  • NO palming
  • Uses regular sticky-notes you can buy at a store
  • Uses regular permanent marker you can also buy at a store
  • The things you need to perform these routines are things you probably already own
  • Practice
  • Positive mental attitude (PMA)

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  • Stuart asks: Can you tell us what other items we need besides the marker and the post-it pad without revealing the secret?

    • 1. William answers: A pair of scissors is needed.
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Customer reviews for The Vault - The Sticky-Note Slide



AWESOME EFFECT!! The method is very simple and easy to do, Tyler goes in to extreme detail on how to do the trick. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!



Clever effect! Easy to perform and plausible motivation to get into the routine. Great piece of magic particularly at this price point.



This is such a great routine. I love how easy it is to do but it carries such a punch. This is just even fun to perform for myself. The best thing too is that the setup is relatively quick and costs mere dollars to refill, oh and setup can be done well in advance and stored for quick and easy access. I can’t perform this trick enough!!



I am so disappointed with this purchase. And since Vanishing Inc wont refund downloads, I can atleast help someone else not make a mistake. We all have made the mistake of falling for a well edited video demonstration. This is maybe better as a $3 download. Save your money.

The Vault - The Sticky-Note Slide by Tyler Twombly