Magic download (video) by Kyle Marlett
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Magic download (video) by Kyle Marlett ($12.00)

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TRKS by Kyle Marlett is a brand new download with 3 effects. There is a card control, a coffee house effect, and a strolling effect. They are all easy to perform, easy to make, and highly visual.

"Everything you could hope for in a download! It's like candy for your eyes... like eye candy" Chris Ramsay
"Kyle Marlett is a nerd. But what that means is his magic has meticulous thought behind it with visual inspiration from nerdy sci-fi movies. The magic in TRKS is perfect for the Snapchat generation of magic (which also means I'll be using it)" Justin Flom
"Kyle is a creative wonder" Andrew Mayne
"TRKS contains practical, visual, and wonderful magic" Andi Gladwin

What you learn:

KM Control- A surprisingly fooling card control that even if you know the method it will fool your eyes.

Spooning- A perfect and organic routine for walk around or strolling gigs. A spoon is held at the finger tips and it slowly vanishes with the wave of the fingers. Once it almost fully vanishes with a wave it re appears. As a bonus kicker the spoon visually jumps from hand to hand and everything is fully examinable after.

Surbe- A sugar packet is handed out for examination and held by the finger tips. As you concentrate on the sugar packet the sugar inside starts to visibly grow and form into a square like shape. The audience opens up the packet and now inside is a sugar cube and everything is examinable and kept by the audience.

Running time : 38mins


Customer reviews for TRKS



Trks by Kyle Marlett is wonderful! 3 easy, practical, and visual effects! I really dig Kyle's style! The instructions are simple and direct but also very detailed!



A KILLER download! All three effects are so good! Visual and wonderful! Instructions were short and sweet but good! Great job!



Such a great download! Each effect is wroth the price of a dvd but all 3 for $10 is a crazy bargain!



Love it!!!


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