Ultimate Jumping Band

Magic download (video) by Jim Bodine
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Ultimate Jumping Band

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Magic download (video) by Jim Bodine ($9.95)

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The beloved Jumping Band effect reaches impossible new heights with an absolutely killer finish.

"My favorite thing in magic is when someone takes something known to an entirely new level. Jim Bodine has cracked the code that unleashes the true full potential of the Jumping Rubber Band in an imminently satisfying way!" Michael Ammar

"Ultimate Jumping Band" by Jim Bodine is a masterful routine that breathes new life into the classic rubber band magic trick. It not only will amaze and entertain audiences, but will even fool magicians that think they know what's coming. It's a super visual effect, with a jaw-dropping kicker ending that plays just as well in small groups as it does in parlor settings.

The best part is that "Ultimate Jumping Band" is surprisingly easy to perform. Jim has spent decades perfecting this routine and you're going to have a ton of fun with it.

Download "Ultimate Jumping Band" to start learning this amazing close up magic effect today.

"I absolutely LOVE what you're doing!" Dan Harlan

"Ultimate Jumping Band takes an old chestnut and blows it out of the water! For everyone who thinks they know it, they will get fried! It is a totally different method that is fast, clean and easy. The final blow off takes the basic effect and brings it to a whole new level. It is similar to something that Japanese Master Shigeo Takagi showed me over thirty years ago, but so much simpler and every bit as effective. It will destroy laymen and magicians alike." Marc DeSouza

"Jim has taken a classic rubber band effect and made it much more visual, colorful and impossible. It's performable for a large group, and I've watched him perform it many times and the reactions are always amazement!" Mark Setteducati


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Very clever! Very commercial!







This is very visual yet so simple to perform. I was able to do the moves within minutes of learning them and even when I knew the secret, it looked fantastic. This is the kind of walk-around magic that you can do any time, and any where. You can even do it with borrowed objects which makes it that much better. I also appreciate that he gives credit where credit is due. This is a wonderful, cheap and easy to perform piece of magic that you will LOVE. I highly recommend it and know you will too.






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  • Seth asks: In the trailer, he is using what looks like hair scrunchies. Can this all be done using regular rubber bands?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use rubber bands but Jim uses scrunchies for more visibility.
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