4in Linking Rings

Trick by TCC Playing Card Co.
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4in Linking Rings

14.95 usd

Trick by TCC Playing Card Co. (14.95)

In stock.
4in Linking Rings - magic
4in Linking Rings 4in Linking Rings 4in Linking Rings 4in Linking Rings 4in Linking Rings 4in Linking Rings

Close-up version of the Chinese Linking Rings, with super attention to detail!

The Chinese Linking Rings is one of the most popular and classic magic tricks in the world. There are many wonderful magicians who have produced and developed the sets, moves and routines. They have shown genius abilities in their contributions and dedication to this marvelous effect.

We hope we have created additional value, just like those amazing magicians and craftsmen who've come before us. We have tried our utmost so that more magicians can buy the best, basic products at a reasonable price.

Being Chinese, we are especially proud of producing these high-performance close-up ring sets - this is truly heartfelt.

  • Four rings are included in each set
  • OD about 10.5cm
  • Each individual ring weighs approximately 48.1g
  • The key ring has been treated specially for the MOUTH
  • A black soft bag is included - weighs approximately 11.5g
  • A basic video guide is included

Customer reviews for 4in Linking Rings



These rings are amazing. Great weight, cool look, and great size. One of the best purchases I've made through Vanishing Inc.



At first I was a bit apprehensive about these rings (the black matte) due to the fact they're inexpensive and also because I was informed they were thin. Well, don't let the low price deter you from purchasing them nor the thin factor! First they are not thin but are similar in thickness to my GiR rings and secondly they are a bargain for their low price. They are beautiful rings and fun to manipulate. Surprisingly they ring better then my GiR rings. They are heavier than the GiR and their finish is not as smooth but the extra weight feels good in the hands and their black matte makes them somewhat of a novelty amongst laymen.



High quality rings. Great weight, cool look, and great size.



Amazing rings. Good instruction. I’d buy again



Really nice quality rings,you can not go wrong with this set.As usual Vanishing Inc has done it again by selecting a very nice product.The rings are nice and come with a nice bag as well.



I own the black rings and think they are unmatched at this affordable price. The gap is subtle and easily hidden for most ring routines. Additionally, the solid rings and linked rings also are excellently manufactured and appear faultless at initial inspection. I have examined the other colors in person as well, and I'd have to go with the black ones for overall quality.



I am a big fan of TCC products and this product does not disappoint. I had to bend the keyring to the appropriate gap and alignment but thats not a biggie. The manufacturing quality is awesome and the chrome is great(I also have a black pair). The rings are the perfect size and thickness and handles really well. Comes in a nice velvet bag. Good product. Get it!



The price paid compared to the quality of the product is amazing!

Are there slight imperfections in some of the rings? Yes. Does anyone but yourself notice? No! Is it a deal breaker? No!

Great weight, great look(I have the black and silver), good size key (not Ninja size), and great metallic sound.

The video routine is very elegant and a great addition to ring routines. Video also is well made, no speaking but none necessary.

I reached out to a reputable linking ring maker who unfortunately did not have their particular brand in stock. They recommended these TCC ones.

Glad I purchased. Just go ahead and get two sets for the price!

VI Monthly


These are nice. If you know what you are getting. These are 4 inch rings, with no frills. However, they do the job well. Moreover, the instructional video link has a very nice routine that comes with it. While not quite Shoot Ogawa's "Ninja Rings," it is more than basic, and if you learn the enclosed routine you could use it for the rest of your career as a worker. Also, the set came with a nice cloth carrying back. I rated this "Excellent" because it was everything I expected, and nothing less.



I got the black set and it is just what I wanted. The set is beautiful and the size is just right. The set easily fits in the back pocket of my pants so I can carry them everywhere I go. They sound great also. The instructional video has no words, but the video does not need them. All the moves are gone over in great detail with multiple views and exact hand positions detailed. And the price is just fantastic! I highly recommend this set to anyone that wants to add a close up linking ring routine to their act.


Community questions about 4in Linking Rings

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  • Moise asks: Are these high quality black linking rings that won't scratch...dvd or download. Thank you!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are inexpensive rings, but we have not seen any scratches. They do not come with instructions.
  • Joe asks: For the 4" Linking Rings, what exactly is the "basic video guide"? Is it sufficient to learn the routine shown in the video? Thanks, Joe Anderson

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is indeed :)
    • 2. Robert answers: The instruction video shows a 1.5 minute routine followed by a step by step explanation which is done rather well. All the moves are shown slowly and clearly. There are two flourishes in the trailer (the first two linkings we see) which are not covered in the instructions. The first is just a variation of the basic move with the ring "floating" down instead of being struck. The second one you'll have to figure out yourself if you want it. Not hard to see what's happening. All other moves shown in the trailer are in the routine and instructions.
  • Kjell asks: Is there instructions for what I see in the trailer included?

    • 1. Tony answers: Please see the answer from Robert above, it's correct ;)
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  • Patrick asks: I tried to watch the video, but the provided password didn’t work. I tried all caps, all lower case, couldn’t get it to work. Rings look great, though.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Check the instructions area of your account, or contact customer service for this: Magic@VanishingIncMagic.com
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