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Ambitious Chip - magic

Marcelo Insua, a.k.a Mr. Tango, presents a great solution to perform an ambitious card routine with poker chips.

Here, you will find 3 different methods to perform the legendary card effect with chips. One of these methods use the incredible Tango touch (an unbelievable technique you will love) using regular poker chips and two other methods with gimmicked chips.

The set include everything you need and a link to video instructions. Enjoy another ingenious FISM invention award brought to you by Mr. Tango.


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Alright. I love the ambitious coin plot and enjoy learning new methods to the effect. This product has me torn for two reasons. One, I love the effect, and the method by which this is done made me very happy to learn as well as practice.

HOWEVER, different to how you may think, the gimmicked chips you receive do not make the effect easier nor look better. In fact, the gimmicks are pretty obvious and not deceptive and you will probably never use them.

In actual fact, the impromptu handling (shown in the trailer as the first performance), is awesome. The method is fun, and its just 4 regular chips.

So out of 10, I give the gimmicked version a 2/10 due to the fact that unless your spectators are directly above you or you are on camera, you wont fool anyone. Also because the ungimmicked version is so much better, I'm not sure how the gimmicks serve a purpose for this project.

for the ungimmicked version, I give this an 8.5/10. The method works, is fun to practice and perform, and is very hands off.

Had this been sold for 15 bucks and come with the chips and the impromptu handling this would have reached more magicians. Having the extra gimmicks which I do not believe serve much of a purpose thus bumping the price up doesn't make sense to me.

overall, I love the impromptu handling and dislike the gimmicks and the gimmicked handling.

Ambitious Chip by Tango Magic