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Starting with Eric Mason many years ago, the Card Blister trick has recently had a bit of a revival. It’s a reveal for a selected card. In brief, you show a blister on your finger, light a lighter and then hold your hand over the flame for a few seconds. Just before you get burnt, you remove hand to show that the blister has weirdly morphed into the initials of the selected card.

The effect has been around for years and always gets a really good reaction. There are several ways to implant the blister into your skin (don’t worry – it doesn’t hurt and only last for a minute or so). What you’re buying here is Tim Trono’s clever way of hiding the blister-inducing gimmick. It’s cleverly hidden on an object that you’ll likely carry with you anywhere.

All of the big boys are recommending it (Paul Harris, David Blane, Daryl, Jeff McBride et all) so if you’re into that kind of endorsement then knock yourself out.

We’re into impromptu magic here at Vanishing Inc and wholeheartedly recommend that you try this trick out, regardless of whether you buy Branded or any other method, as it always seems to get a strong reaction.

Comes with an instructional DVD and two gimmicks.


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A PERFECT METHOD! This is a great effect and this is the best version of it!



This version of the "blister" trick is the easiest and has the best hiding place for the secret plain sight. This item has 2 gimmicks. One is a large size for normal lighters and one is a small gimmick for mini lighters (Bic). They are very easy to get the correct impression and in the correct angle. There is no fishy pants pocket billiards going on while you try to get your impression and there is never a moment when it will seem like you are doing something. This way you can pay more attention to your presentation and less on the choreography of gimmicks. Hope this helps.

Branded by Tim Trono