Butterfly Box

Trick by Kelvin Chow
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Butterfly Box

100.00 usd

Trick by Kelvin Chow ($100.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Butterfly Box - magic
Butterfly Box Butterfly Box Butterfly Box Butterfly Box Butterfly Box

Pure. Elegance. That's what this is. If you're looking for a poetic, stunning way to end or begin a close-up performance, this polished wooden box is what you're searching for.

This elegant little box, handmade of real polished, finished wood, allows you to change what appears to be a loose deck of playing cards into ANYTHING of similar size. You can, for example, show the cards in the box, remove four Aces, and then change all the other cards into four silver dollars, so you can perform a version of Matrix.

You can change a deck of cards into grains of sand or sugar.

You can change a deck of Butterfly cards into a real butterfly.

The possibilities are endless, and it always works the same way. Absolutely no technique required to master. The apparatus does everything for you. This is a beautiful package, and one you can insert into your set to make a beautiful transition, or simply add on an unbelievable closer.

The Butterfly Box is a Vanishing Inc. exclusive and will not be available elsewhere.


Community questions about Butterfly Box

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Jonathan asks: Can the BUTTERFLY BOX be used to switch one deck for another?

    • 1. Tony answers: I'm afraid that you can't do that
    • 2. Jacob answers: There is a box that will do this for you. I'm not trying to sway you from buying the Butterfly box, I plan on ordering mine over this coming weekend. Anyhoo, there is a box called MAGIRO KARTENAUSTAUSCH - CASSETTE. The construction of the box is very unique. Magiro of Italy made these years ago and there is one for sale on an auction site. The Magiro box would compliment the Butterfly box. I was told that Magiro on made a few of them years ago, so the switch box is rare. The seller is a stand up gentleman from Italy. Again I'm not trying to sway you from this Butterfly box, I would highly recommend both actually. Hope this helps you a bit. Mad Jake Jr.
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  • Paul asks: Can the Butterfly Box be inspected by the audience/spectator?

    • 1. Tony answers: I think a spectator can figure out if they play with it in 10 mins
    • 2. Nathan answers: No
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  • Stephane asks: Does the switch produce much noise? How fast is the reset?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's silent, you will need 30 seconds - 1 minute to reset
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  • CESAR asks: Does the instructional video provide any valuable information on working with butterflies? (Which type of butterfly to use, handling, storing, life cycle... etc)

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! I think the butterfly just a name of the box, in the explanation he does not provide any information about that
    • 2. Irwin answers: I don't suggest using a Butterfly. If it flys away then you get a dead Butterfly and today we have far to little of them now. Just my .02 sorry if I offend you but I am on the Butterfly's side. Peace!
    • 3. Benjamin answers: Previous answer is incorrect if we account for Kelvin Chow talking about waiting 5-10 minutes before using a butterfly It goes into a dormant state apparently so it doesn't fly away. He also claims that it's possible to use a very small pond ??. To further expand upon this, I'm going to say just stick with anything no higher than 5 stacks of coins. It's not a lot of space for some of the grander things you may think of pulling out of a box. Hopefully this answers your questions and may persuade you to purchase it? ?
    • 4. Houston answers: The astonishment in the eyes of a child or any layperson for that matter would be well worth the life and death of one butterfly! Having said that...if you don't wanna use a butterfly, how about one of those real long, creepy cock roaches!
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  • David asks: Do You Get The Butterflie Cards Or Just The Box?

    • 1. Tony answers: You will get the box only
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  • Rick asks: Does it come with the special deck shown in the video?

    • 1. Tony answers: You only need to provide a few regular playing cards by yourself
    • 2. Benjamin answers: Plan to store about no more than 8 cards
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  • Royce asks: I see where you answered the question if the box can be examined. The spectators usually only look at something like that for a few seconds and then hand it back. That being said, do you think it would then be safe to let the spectator examine the box?

    • 1. Tony answers: I don't think it's safe to let the spectator examine the box. Sone will be easy to figure out some don't and I think it's not safe
    • 2. Jacob answers: When did handing your expensive or valuable props out to a spectator. This seems to be the Norm now for performers to hand out their valuable apparatus. I notice the trend starting in 2017 or maybe earlier. When it come to handing a prop out inspection, plain and simple, don't do it. The delivery and impact on the spectators performance of the effect should leave them thinking. I always make sure I go right into my next effect to distract them from the idea of seeing my props. Just my 2 cents. Mad Jake Jr.
    • 3. Mark answers: Another way to phrase it: What would Shin Lim do? :-)
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  • Timothy asks: Does the box work both ways? Can I use it to produce a deck and then vanish it? Thanks!

    • 1. Tony answers: You can't do that I'm afraid
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  • Peter asks: Can the box be tilted and shook to make it appear that nothing is left once the deck disappears?

    • 1. Tony answers: Sorry! I'm afraid that I do not completely understand your question, could you please clarify it?
    • 2. Tony answers: Yes! you can do that ;)
    • 3. Peter answers: Can the box be lifted upside down after the cards disappear without them falling out?
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  • Douglas asks: Can I use the "deck" shown in the box for a full deck effect (like say for instance ambitious card or any other "any card" effect)

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! but you can use a few cards to do a small packet trick like Dr. Daley the last trick or Twisting the Aces etc
    • 2. Chow answers: Hi there, this is kelvin chow form the TOT magic team. While the box cannot vanish a full deck, in the tutorial, we did show a practical handling that would allow you to begin with a full deck inside the box, and switch in the gimmick for the kicker ending.
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  • Matthew asks: What type of wood is this made from? What are the dimensions?

    • 1. Chow answers: The box is made with Black Walnut wood.
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  • Raven Odin asks: After our purchase should the video be in the video section on our account?

    • 1. Tony answers: The instruction video will available under Vanishing account later (next 3 - 5 days). You will receive the instruction link on the package when it has arrived
    • 2. George answers: The instructions link does not work. Is there another way to view?
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  • Michael asks: Can I carry around a real working deck of cards in the box (without doing the trick) ((At first))

    • 1. Chow answers: The box does fit a full deck. but to move on to the butterfly effect, you would need to switch in the gimmick. In the tutorial, we have offer a practical handling to switch in the gimmick halfway along the performance, and we also supplied the part needed for the switch.
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  • John asks: Sorry if this has been asked but I couldn't see a definite answer. The 'deck'is a gimmick. Is the gimmicked deck included or is it a separate item? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You will need to supply your own cards.
  • Robert asks: Timothy asked, "Does the box work both ways? Can I use it to produce a deck and then vanish it?" This may have sounded like 2 productions (produce the deck from an empty box, and then vanish the deck to show the box empty once again -- or with something else inside. Just to be clear... Can you start with, let's say coins the box, then close it and when you open it again, there is a deck of cards?Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No - you can only make one change (unless you changed it to say, a nested shell coin, and then picked up both coins and changed stole the shell away).
    • 2. Robert answers: Yes, I understand just one change. But can that change be FROM coins TO full deck? Or, FROM empty container TO full deck? Thanks.
  • Robert asks: I understand just one change. But can that one change be (for instance): FROM coins TO full deck? OR... FROM empty container TO full deck? Or do you always have to start with a deck vanish?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The effect is designed to go from a full deck to another object.
  • CG asks: Is the butterfly box big enough to hold a card box full of cards (not just a deck) before the gimmick is brought into play?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sorry, the box would not fit—it is precision made for the six of the deck.
  • David asks: Hi, can the five butterfly backed cards shown in the demo be purchased from you? Thanks, David

    • 1. Tony answers: Unfortunately, we do not sell those cards
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  • Kevin asks: Following on from David’s question - could you find out and tell us where we can purchase the five butterfly backed cards shown in the demo and / or provide a pdf image of the back of the cards so we can make our own. With calling the box the Butterfly Box I am disappointed not to be getting these cards. I plan to use a paper butterfly. Thank you in advance.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These are not provided but you can easily make your own with a sticker or by going to a custom card printer.
  • TADAHISA asks: With the box, is it possible to change a set of several cards (7-8 cards) to a different set of several cards (7-8 cards)? I mean, can you do a "packet change" with it? Thank you.

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    • Rodolfo asks: It appears the starting point for the effect is an open box with a deck of cards in it. That seems unnatural to me. Based on what I see is the box could also be used without the gaff. In a full performance it seems to me starting clean. Performing with the deck and on an off beat switch to the gaff. I’m leaning towards getting two for this purpose. Does this seem feasible?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is feasible, and you receive an extra base in the package, just for this purpose.
    • Kevin asks: Does anyone know where I can get the ‘Butterfly’ cards that are shown in the video? Are they available from Kelvin Chow? Or at least a download of a template/photos of them or similar. The box is beautiful (I own one and may get a second). I don’t plan to produce a life butterfly but I want to have appear an origami butterfly than I made earlier, animated, and vanished earlier. The duplicate can then be given away.

      • 1. Sammy answers: If I am lucky enough to get a box, fingers crossed! I plan on using it in conjunction with Ondrej Psenicka butterfly deck! Also available from Vanishingincmagic.com to do a switch with the chosen card to an origami butterfly with wings labeled with chosen card! I am seeing a huge list of possibilities with this box! Hope I get one!
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    Customer reviews for Butterfly Box



    I love using the Butterfly Box with the Polish Poker packet effect. No sleight of hand is involved and it doesn't look like a packet effect!



    This is a wonderful device and I am very pleased with this purchase. I do a lot of cold deck work and Butterfly Box is a great addition. Standalone this is a deck vanish. Properly handled it can be used to discard a warm deck, go into a packet trick phase and/or as seen in the demo vanish the deck leaving behind the Matrix cards and coins or something else - magicians choice. The gaff cannot produce a cold deck, but it can be used to dispense with the suspicion of conjuring up one or reaching for a replacement.



    I’m so glad I bought this before it sold out the Craftsmanship is incredible, I use this with a live butterfly and everyone can’t believe what just happened.



    Very good! I love the extra trick explanations, so many possibilities and ideas! Thank you!



    Well made trick. Will last many years. A must for close-up Magicians.