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Magic download (video) by Skymember ($9.95)

The smartphone has become a very personal item for the average person. It's the one item people never leave at home. What if you could borrow an iPhone from anyone then visually unlock it without keying in their pass-code? Did we mention that it's completely impromptu as well as being easy to do!

Q&A - From Manufacturer

Q:Do I have to download any special apps or do I need a special gimmick for this?
A: No you do NOT need any apps or gimmicks. Bypass is completely impromptu!

Q:It is limited to ios7?
A:No, you can perform Bypass with any iPhone and any iOS.

Q:Why IPhones?
A: iPhone is the most commonly seen smartphone worldwide. If you look around, you'll find yourself being able to perform Bypass in almost all situations.

Q:Does it only work with iPhone?
A: Bypass originally invented for iPhone. However this concept will works on major android phone such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony and etc.

Q:How practical is it?
A: Nowadays, almost everyone has a lock on their smartphone. Finding a spectator with a locked iPhone will not be an issue.

Q:How much set-up is there?
A: Very little, everything is covered in the instructional video and the "set-up" looks very innocent.

After release of this effect, we were told Zachary Smith has created a similar concept for his underground performances. We would like to give full credit to Zachary Smith as the first to create an effect similar in concept to BYPASS.

Warning: BYPASS is invented for entertaining purpose. The instructional video does not teach how to hack somebody phone.


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There are hundreds of thorough, brilliant, well-priced, visual tricks and downloads on Vanishing Inc. I'm sorry to say that this isn't one of them. This trick is limited in technique in that it the only achievable effect with it is unlocking the phone right after the spectator did. It is boring and unmemorable in performance, short, poorly thought out, and unwieldy to set and clean up. If you want some good ideas for iPhone tricks, try Gregory Wilson's Code Breaker, or iPhonomagic. Those are both full of powerful, hard-hitting, and memorable tricks that can be presented for 1 to 100 people, and both well worth the cost. This one really missed the mark for me. I would not recommend it to anyone who is not rich enough to throw out ten bucks on a weak trick.

Bypass by Skymember