Cubed Card

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Cubed Card

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Trick by Catanzarito Magic ($9.95)

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Cubed Card - magic
Cubed Card Cubed Card Cubed Card Cubed Card Cubed Card Cubed Card

Now you can carry 10 minutes of magic...on one business card! This is Card Cubed!

Card Cubed has printed images of 48 dice, but that gives you five full effects to perform using a single business card! That's 10 minutes of magic sitting in your wallet, ready to be used whenever you need. Effects include:

Effect 1 (Mind Reading) - The spectator adds up a row, but your are able to read their mind for the chosen sum.

Effect 2 (Body Language) - An invisible die is rolled by the spectator. Despite them saying Yes to numbers 1 through 6, you can tell from body language what their chosen number is. 

Effect 3 (Prediction) - You write a prediction of which die a spectator will land on after a free selection of side, row, and dice in that row. Your prediction always matches.

Effect 4 (Spectator) - The spectator reveals a free choice of any dice on the card. You are able to train your spectator right in front of everyone, without them knowing a thing!

Effect 5 (Spectator) - The spectator reveals whether any dice in a selected row is odd or even. This effect also allows you to train a spectator right in front of everyone, without them knowing a thing!

So get Card Cubed today and always be ready to perform miracles!

"Cubed Card is a simple carry-in-your-wallet item that will give you a good 5 minutes of impromptu mental magic. At $10, it's a bargain!"Rik G

"This is a 100% sure-fire effect that packs a punch - very easy to learn. If you pop the card in your wallet, you have a great effect with you at all times!"Martin L.

"This is the freakiest thing I've ever seen!!!"Brandon W

"Absolutely Impossible!!!"Avery

"Completely Blows My Mind!!!"Brooke B

"How??? I Love This!!!"Jordan R

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I've carried this around for a long time now in my wallet as a quick go-toer at a moment's notice. I've even messed with fellow magicians heads with it. I only do effect #1, mind reading. It's very strong and anything after it would be overkill anyway. For that effect alone, plus the fact it can be kept in my wallet I say it's a buy.



I hate to write such a poor review, it really is a poor item though. You know that it's not great when the instructional video doesn't fill you with confidence. It's the kinda thing I'd expect to find in a Christmas cracker. Fair enough a few effects have been all contained onto one business card sized prop, but none are particularly strong, and nothing here you won't have seen before. Sorry.

Cubed Card by Catanzarito Magic