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Depiction - magic

A powerful Design Duplication routine that magicians and mentalists can carry in their pocket or wallet. This compact, professional quality routine fits on a single wallet card that shows 24 easy to recognize and visualize images. Your spectators never have to draw or write anything down.

You begin the routine by explaining the importance of using certain images in telepathy tests. Forming a simple mental image and visualizing it in a particular way drastically increases the likelihood of a successful telepathy test.

Your participant then mentally selects an image. After guiding them through a quick visualization process, your are able to name the exact item they selected!

  • NO Forces
  • NO Progressive Anagrams
  • Extremely Durable 100% Plastic Cards
  • Super Deceptive Method
  • No Language Restrictions

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Paul Carnazzo’s mental voyage effects work a treat and Depiction is no exception. Ok, so it’s another Mentalism card to pop into your wallet but it enables you to do a wonderful, quick mind reading effect. Alongside Lexicology, it’s another of Carnazzo’s best mentalism effects.

I’m fortunate enough to own many of Carnazzo’s card routines. In Carnazzo fashion, the spec is given a card with different images on both sides and asked to choose and visualise one. They are asked to visualise the image on the opposite side and then you can immediately begin describing their image with 100% accuracy.

There is a mathematical principle involved and there’s a little fishing needed, but this can be disguised with practice and experience.There’s no memory work involved because there’s a crib readily available and unseen by the spec. Everything seems fair and above board.

This is another super Carnazzo effect and will certainly appeal to many performers. Use your imagination and you will find many different ways to interpret outcomes and reveal the chosen image. There are many different ways that a performer can build up suspense.
Carnazzo has produced many great wallet packet effects in the past and Depiction is becoming one of my favourites.



I am really in two minds about this. The method is well hidden from the spectator and on paper the whole trick sounds really good. BUT, there is an awful lot of fishing required to achieve this. For me there is way too much fishing for this trick to be impressive. As a performing mentalist, I will not be using this. But again On paper, I quite like it, in performance it is just too dependant on fishing for information.

Depiction by Paul Carnazzo