Hannibal: The Truth From A Liar

$39.99 Possibly discontinued.
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Hannibal: The Truth From A Liar

39.99 usd

DVD by Christopher Hannibal ($39.99)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Hannibal: The Truth From A Liar - magic

Recognized by the International Brotherhood of Magicians with the People's Choice Award for Close-Up Magic, this 20-year veteran of street magic, comedy clubs and banquet-style performance has agreed to tip the methods to his trademark effects, including his epic prize-winning nine-phase "Pringles Act".

Both Josh and Andi have seen Chris Hannibal perform and consider themselves big fans. He has a lot to teach about presenting magic through compelling storytelling, crafting strong material, and structuring a show that builds to a whopping finish. In "The Truth From A Liar," Hannibal presents original magic as well as classic effects (such as the best "Coin and Cylinder" handling and presentation we have seen) with innovative twists that turn them into showstoppers.

Learn more than a trick, learn how this great mind in magic thinks by watching him perform his full show for an intimate studio audience, then discover his secrets behind creating and performing dynamic theatrical magic.

  • 2-DVD Set
  • 45 Minute Live Show
  • 2 Hours of Detailed Instruction
  • Two Extra Live Performances
  • 45 Minute Commentary with Hannibal
  • Slipcase that holds both DVDs
"Hannibal combines wonderful magical effects with masterful presentations and storytelling. Watching these DVDs will make your magic stronger." Jon Allen
"When learning how I perform magic in restaurants a decade ago, I was offered Jim Sisti's The Magic Menu. Of all the routines I studied, nothing pulled me in like the work of Hannibal. I always wondered what routines like The Pringles Act looked like live. Here is an opportunity to see a TRUE master at work. This set should be in EVERY MAGICIAN'S library." Eric Jones
"That was just delightful!" Max Maven
"A perfect combination of mystery, comedy and emotion. Hannibal is one of magic's premier storytellers who will pull your heartstrings and surprise you with real mystery along the way. His take on 'The Bill in Lemon' is one of the best theatrical presentations for this effect you will ever see!" Scott Robinson

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So here's what's on the DVDs:

Silver Memories - an approach to 'Cylinder & Coins'
Bookends - a 'bill to impossible location' that provides a solution to problems inherent with that plot.
Roadhouse - 'cards across' for grown ups

The Pringles Act - an act I made specifically for competition that also hits hard in real world performance. Great for restaurant work.
This Strange Engine - ACAAN and so much more.
Golden Memories - 'Three Bread Crumbs' made personal

Thoughts on creativity, storytelling and relating to the audience.

I hope you enjoy the offering.




One of my new favorite magic DVDs. I love the commentary section Hannibal does as he shares his thoughts while reviewing his performance...very insightful as to how a true professional magician thinks. Both DVDs include very strong magic I'm sure you will use.



One of the best DVD sets i have seen!
My favorite part is before just teaching the tricks he goes into his inspiration for the effects and why he does them but more
detailed then you see in most
The tricks are GREAT too!
His Bill in Lemon I will be working on and he has the best Coins In Cylinder I have ever seen.