Healed and Sealed (Theory 11)

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Trick by Anders Moden ($19.95)

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Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) - magic
Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) Healed and Sealed (Theory 11)

An empty, crushed can of soda magically reseals and refills itself.

Popularized by David Blaine on his television special “Vertigo”, Healed & Sealed is a classic of street magic. A can of soda, visibly crushed and empty, is picked up from a trash can. After giving it a small shake, the dents slowly start to pop back open - the can is magically refilling itself!

With a wave of the hand, the tab is now completely sealed shut. To make sure this is a brand new can of soda, it is popped back open with the sweet sound of carbonation! Finally, the can is tipped over to pour out the fully drinkable and REAL soda. The best part? Everything is completely examinable!

For the first time ever, Healed & Sealed includes over 100 pre-made gimmicks which allow you to perform it with just seconds of preparation. Even if you already perform this effect - these gimmicks are a lifesaver.

Healed & Sealed features an all-new streaming instructional video taught to perfection by Blake Vogt to ensure that every detail is covered and thoroughly explained.


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  • 1.

    Henry asks: Are there any tube involved here

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope! no tube involved
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  • 2.

    Tom asks: If you run out of gimmicks can you arts and crafts your own? Was planning on performing it 100 times next week. Just kidding, but still.

    • 1. Tony answers: You can make your own one so don't worry :D
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  • 3.

    Dean asks: How does the original trick compare to the version 2 trick. I notice the main trick offers 100+ gimmicks included, but v2 doesn’t mention that. Please help.

    • 1. James answers: I haven't seen the original, but you do get gimmicks with version 2. It does not say exactly how many, but they do say that you will receive a "bunch." Once you understand what the gimmick is, you can easily make up as many as you want.
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Healed and Sealed (Theory 11) by Anders Moden