JPV Wallet

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JPV Wallet

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Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino ($79.95)

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JPV Wallet - magic
JPV Wallet JPV Wallet JPV Wallet JPV Wallet

This tool made to measure in high quality leather allows you to present many of routines and varied effects thanks to its new features, it also has several secret compartments even allowing you to leave it for the exam!

In addition to the basic concept created by Jean-Pierre Vallarino and allowing to realize totally impossible predictions with truly free choices of the spectator, the JPV Wallet unites several wallets in one! Indeed, it also makes wallet Kap's, Le Paul wallet and has a secret peek completely invisible to spectators.

Jean-Pierre Vallarino offers you 3 complete and original routines in the explanations which you can achieve with great ease. Of course, he also explains to you and in detail how to use the JPV Wallet in its other applications (as Kap's Wallet, Le Paul's Wallet or as a precious peek for all your mentalism tricks).

One of the possible effects:

You open your wallet to show that cards are slipped inside. You explain to the viewer that it is the Four Ladies. Then invite him to choose which one he prefer (I stress that the choice is completely free). The wallet is open, it sees the back cards. "Queen of Spades ? it's perfect!".

And while you are about to take them, you can even offer to change your mind until the last moment.

You take out the cards, fan them: only one of the 4 cards has a red back... and it is indeed the Queen of Spades! But it doesn't end there! You go back one by one three other cards: they are white... Offer to check if he wishes: there is no other card in your wallet and you can give him the Queen of Spades by remember, there is nothing to hide!

The strong points:

  • Custom-made leather wallet
  • 4 different possible uses (JPV Wallet, Kap's, Le Paul and Peek)
  • Easy to use
  • The spectator's choice is completely free
  • There is no forcing
  • The card can be left with the spectator
  • 3 original routines are offered to youIncluded: Elegant black wallet in quality leather + online instructions

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  • Charles asks: Does this take a normal size envelope that can easily be found at a stationary store?

    • 1. Jim answers: You can find the perfect size on
    • 2. ian answers: The medium Bonsalope from Propdog UK are perfect
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  • José Marques asks: Hey! Looks awesome. Can we use it to make a spectator signed card travel to a sealed envelope, placed inside the wallet? Thank you so much! :)

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, the LePaul style load into an envelope is built into the wallet.
    • 2. ian answers: The best envelope is the medium size from Propdog UK. I have removed the gimmick and added internal tabs using Gorilla black tape. for a ring/coin to envelope. If putting a card in I just use a business card as a gimmick. It all works well.
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JPV Wallet by Jean-Pierre Vallarino