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Jurassigram - magic
Jurassigram Jurassigram

A nostalgia-inducing mentalism routine that is as fun as it is powerful.

"Jurassigram" by Leonardo Flores is a unique routine with a "thought of" style approach that feels as fair and clean as the many propless mentalism routines that continue to surge in popularity these days. In fact, despite using some props, it definitely toes the line of being propless.

Let us explain...

This dinosaur-themed routine starts by taking your audience on a nostalgic journey to Jurassic Park. They hop into the iconic Jeep and ride through the wooden gates before coming to a sudden stop in front of an empty cage. They're fueled with anxiety as they hear the footsteps approaching.

Then, there it is, the dinosaur they thought of staring them in the face.

"Jurassigram" is a clever dino divination that can be applied in two different ways. Your audience will be speechless and will have no clue how you did it since all the dirty work is carefully hidden within the narrative of the journey you take them on.

Using five (5) trading card game style dinosaur cards, you instantly can reveal the one they selected in a dramatic fashion. They select a dinosaur card and secure it in an envelope. You start dealing the rest of the cards face down using the dinosaur prints on the back of cards as a dramatic image of the dinosaur approaching them. by the end of the process you can 100% reveal the chosen dinosaur.

"Jurassigram" is also a beautifully produced and detailed booklet that comes with a bespoke envelope containing seven (7) wonderfully-designed plastic cards that can be used instead of the "prop-less" method.

These plastic cards are super durable, untearable and even waterproof. They'll last you countless performances. They also pack small so you can keep them in your wallet as part of your EDC.


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I am a fan of Perseus Arkomanis & Orion Magic, and also of Jurassic Park, so I was hopeful that this would be a standout product, but unfortunately I think it falls a little short. The effect is that you ask a spectator to name a Dinosaur and you are able to divine what Dinosaur they are thinking of after asking couple of questions. 5 Dinosaur playing cards (and 2 gag cards) are included, but are not necessary to the effect, so in that sense this can be a prop-less impromptu piece of mentalism. The cards can be used for the effect, but the effect itself is more or less the same with or without them. Overall I think this plays a little short and is not that amazing. I would have liked an effect where the back designs of the cards can come together to form the shape of the dinosaur that they selected, but that is not the case here. If you are looking for a stronger mentalism piece using cards/props I recommend The Other Brothers' Animal Tarot instead of this.


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