Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack)

Accessory by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. and Tony Anverdi
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Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack)

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Accessory by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. and Tony Anverdi (3.50)

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Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack) - magic
Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack) Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack) Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack) Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack) Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack) Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack) Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack)

Non-gimmicked dice that perfectly match all Tony Anverdi gimmicked dice products (like "Mental Dice"), giving you the option to secretly switch the dice out and give them away as souvenirs.

These "Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice" are high-quality, no chip dice that are the exact size, color and shape of all Anverdi gimmicked dice products. They also have a stealthy difference though that allows you to always quickly know if you're handling an ungimmicked die or gimmicked die.

Comes in packs of 6 dice in either White, Black or Mixed (Red, White & Blue). Includes online tutorial teaching you how to quickly spot the difference between the "Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice" and the gimmicked ones, and also multiple ways to secretly switch out the dice.

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Customer reviews for Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice (6-Pack)



These dice sets are really well made and the colour's are vibrant. I was looking for some standard dice and these were so cheap I decided to order a few packets. I am really impressed by the price to quality ratio on these dice. They have a good weight and is perfect for close up work. I can highly recommend this product. Get it!



I only have experience with the white ones, and they are a perfect match for my mental die. I know others have commented that the spots are slightly different, but that is so you don't confuse them with you expensive mental die. The difference is undetectable to someone who isn't aware and looking for it. I had a spectator once ask if the mental die "had a computer chip in it" so I simply switched it out for one of these, handed it to them and told them to saw it open when they got home.

When I perform mental die, I keep it in a bag with 3 of these, dump them out in my hand and simply pickup the correct one. I thought about doing an equivoque, but that feels too much like running when not being chased.



They are not bad as nuts. Very similar but not exactly the same. I use them to confuse them together with the rigged ones, I take a rigged die out of all those on the table as if it were a random choice. I recommend them.



I got the dice, but it is not as it is supposed to be.
The size is okay, but the dice colors are slightly brighter than the original.
The big problem with the dice is that the positions of the dots are not the same as the original ones, if you put the dice size by size you can see that the 6 is turning the wrong way from the original so if you change only one dice you can see clearly that the other two are different. all the new dice are made with the wrong position.
It could be nice if it was made as it should be and the colors were the same.


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