One Eye Of God

Trick by Fraser Parker
$40.00 Possibly discontinued.
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One Eye Of God

40.00 usd

Trick by Fraser Parker ($40.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
One Eye Of God - magic
One Eye Of God One Eye Of God One Eye Of God One Eye Of God One Eye Of God

One Eye Of God is a peek envelope like no other. It is an entirely self-contained, normal, and attractive gift card-style envelope. It can be shown completely opaque on both sides, yet you are able to always see clearly through it whenever you wish. In this manner, the envelope is able to reveal the secrets of its contents to you.

There are no slits or moving parts. No use of alcohol to make the envelope transparent or any chemicals which need to be applied. In fact, nothing is added or taken away. There are no moving parts. The ingenious envelope does everything for you. It is self-working and resets on its own.

No magnets. No thread. No elastics. No electronics. No holding it up to the light or placing it inside another envelope.

They write their thought on a business card. This can be a name, word, number, or a small drawing. The card is placed into the envelope, sight unseen, where it stays throughout your performance. Nevertheless, you are always able to get a clear peek of what is written.

This is a break-through and ingenious use of the classic window envelope ruse. However, with this self-contained envelope, you will be able not only to obtain just as clear a peek as with the classic method, but will also be able to prove that the envelope is completely opaque before and after the peek - it really is!

You will be able to get a peek a little larger than a center tear allows. They write in the center of the card (not in one corner), which makes this entirely natural. It can also be used with ESP cards as a test conditions divination. Again, it is entirely self-contained, self-working and resets on its own and can even be activated whilst placed in the spectator's hands, so they do all of the work for you, without realizing!

Yes, it does sound too good to be true. Now you can see why Fraser didn't want to share this with many people in the past. He feels it is now the right time to finally share this with the community, before it is copied by someone else.

You will receive 1 x gift style envelope and 1 x solid black envelope, both of which will last for many performances (if looked after). You will also receive PDF instructions as well as downloadable video of different handlings and live performances.

The envelope is based on the Kolossal Killer Poker size envelopes (3.5 inches x 2.5 inches, so will fit a poker size playing card or ESP symbol card). Each are lovingly and carefully hand-crafted by Fraser himself.

Note: If you live in a hot climate, contact us for more information (as the effect is affected by hot climates).


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I like these a lot. Here's the deal.. they pack really small, I keep them 1 in a mentalist wallet and I use it to divine pin codes and dream vacation reveals. Like all mentalism, it's all about the story, presentation and and less about the props. I fry people when I use these. Fraser is a good dude, and this is a quality tool.



The method is reaaally clever, the envelopes look pretty, all great in that sense. BUT!! the actual method has a flaw in itself. It's hard to say something without giving away the method... So, I don't think this is something that would work in every environment. Let's just say that.