Quiver / Quiver+

Trick by Kelvin Chow
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Quiver / Quiver+

38.95 usd

Trick by Kelvin Chow (38.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Quiver / Quiver+ - magic
Quiver / Quiver+ Quiver / Quiver+ Quiver / Quiver+

"Quiver" is the ultimate switching device for magicians and mentalists.

Disguised as an ordinary-looking coin pouch, "Quiver" by Kelvin Chow allows you to perform:

  • Instant switches of billets, bills, coins or any other small object
  • Visual switches
  • Perfect predictions
  • Impossible location routines
  • Multiple out routines
  • And so much more...

Everything happens in less then a second. Once the wallet is closed, all the work is done. It's all automatic and self-working. Here's the best part though, the spectator can even hold on to the wallet and open themselves. You don't have to worry about them finding the devious secret. Use your "Quiver" for close-up magic, street magic, mentalism or even parlor and stage magic.

The "Quiver" wallet is an incredible versatile tool for all types of magicians and mentalists. It's available in the standard "Quiver" size and also the larger "Quiver+" version which is 1.5cm longer. This larger sized "Quiver+" wallet allows for easier switches of bigger coins, billets, bills or even folded playing cards.

Give your sleight of hand the day off and grab "Quiver" or "Quiver+" today.


Customer reviews for Quiver / Quiver+







I love this product and use it to secretly change items rather than making it a visual change like you can do. I don’t trust the notion of having it opened by the spectator, but that is not an issue.
Craig Petty has several nice ideas and performances with the quiver on YouTube that are refreshing and unique. Right now mine is set up to do his coin and card transpo.

Highly recommend this and would like to pick up a second for other options.



What an amazing utility device. So simple in use, but with so many posibilities. This has immediately gone into my close up set and will be there for a good long while.



I’m so torn on the Quiver Plus. I have had both the standard size and now this one. The idea and mechanics are fantastic, but only after a couple of months of every day carry and usage, the threads are coming apart and the “secret” is fully visible if the spectator opens themselves. In fact, I almost have to sort of tilt it towards myself when first opening as to not expose. However, initially this has been great and I wonder if this only applies to the Plus and not the standard size. Great accessory and very brilliant thinking



10 Stars from me this is by far my favorite utility device i ordered quiver and quiver plus will order another 2 soon which im going to put in my magic drawer



This is so cool, I bought two! What a wonderful way to begin or end a coin routine - making the coins appear or vanish! I use one for my regular coin routines an in the course of walkaround, switch for the other which contains my Hopping coin set. Highest recommendation!


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  • Hector asks: Will quiver+ be back in stock in the future?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, we're working on an ETA.
  • Alan asks: I just received Quiver in the mail. The purse has very little tension and I don’t see how a spectator would not find the gimmick. Is there a way to increase the tension. The purse does not snap back as shown in the tutorial. Thanks Alan Sandler

    • 1. Jim answers: No way that I am aware of.
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