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Trick by Michael Clark ($29.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
REVISE 5 - magic

Revise5 is a Color Changing pack of gum where not only the front of the pack changes colors three times (3 separate colors!), but the gum inside changes along with it. Revise5 comes with 5 solid routines:

Trio-Mint: Gum pack is entirely Blue, and slowly and visually changes to Red. Once it's Red, it instantly and visually changes back to Blue. Just when you think the magic is over, the entire pack makes one last color change to Green!

Flash-Mint: A quick and visually stunning change from a Blue pack of Gum to a Green pack of Gum. This isn't just a 2 color change trick -- the way it happens so Quickly leaves your eyes almost cross-eyed!

Gum-Card: This is a Signed Card to Wallet type of trick, but used with a gum pack. You hand a spectator the pack of gum, but before handing it over you show them it's just a normal pack by opening it up. Once you close the pack, you instantly put the pack in the spectator's hand. Another spectator chooses a card and signs it. The deck is then placed into the card Case. Once the cards are secured, the spectator names their card. The spectator opens the gum pack and there is one card tucked in the gum pack. The card is revealed and it's not only the same one, but it's their signed card!

Dollar-Mint: You visually vanish a dollar bill and it instantly appears in the pack of gum. It looks like the dollar came out of thin air!


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  • Markus asks: Works the gimmick right out the Box ? Or I Need to build it ?

    • 1. Tony answers: REVISE 5 come with the pre-made gimmick but it's discontinued. The new batch name REVISE 5 Select cheaper, come with all material for you to build the gimmick
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