Rubicon 2.0

Trick by Greg Wilson
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Rubicon 2.0

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Trick by Greg Wilson ($200.00)

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Rubicon 2.0 - magic
Rubicon 2.0 Rubicon 2.0 Rubicon 2.0 Rubicon 2.0

For more than a decade, Greg Wilson has been performing an effect in his act which has stimulated the attention of the best magicians in the world. For a long time, it has been that effect that you hear about but never see. That's because only a few of Greg's closest friends were able to get their hands on it. Finally, it is available and trust us when we say that it is INCREDIBLE. If you are interested in doing magic with a puzzle cube, this should be your benchmark.

The gimmick you receive is the product of years and years of trials, test and improvements. In your package, you'll find an incredibly intelligent gimmick in every way. Not only will it allow you to solve a cube, one handed, while blindfolded... or behind your back, it will also allow you to match the EXACT sequence that your spectator shuffles their cube into! Plus MUCH more!

  • Super easy to do (comes complete with EVERYTHING needed to do both phases of the routine)
  • No legitimate cube-solving necessary
  • Can be performed close-up, stand-up and completely surrounded
  • The custom-designed, state-of-the-art gimmick does all the work for you!

Greg teaches you, in-depth, everything you could want to know about Rubicon and how to use it. What's more, you are not just given the trick, but the FULL 7 minute routine which you can perform anywhere in the world. Language does not stop this trick. It is truely universal.

New technology has allowed this gimmick to reach it's fullest potential and while the price is high (we are not going to shy away from that), we are confident that you will completely appreciate why when you see what comes inside your box. If you needed any more convincing, take a look below to see what some of the best magicians in the world think to Rubicon.


  • Two cubes 
  • Precision-made gimmick
  • Customized performance box
  • Instructional streaming video

RUBICON is so spectacular that I featured it on one of my TV specials!Cyril Takayama

Greg's elegant solution is as simple as it is beautiful.Asi Wind

For so many reasons, RUBICON is one of the most talked about moments in my parlour and stage shows.Ryan Oakes

You get away with it right under their noses. The hardest part is not laughing as you do so.Garrett Thomas

The real con is you will look like a genius without being one.Karl Hein


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Customer reviews for Rubicon 2.0

FF Solar - Energias Renováveis, Lda.

wow.... i am so glad i did go ahead and bought this very special piece of art... and honestly i am real glad it is so expensive... because at leas the only people truly interested in performing it will buy this...

i have not performed this yet... i wanna put some practice into it, because this does deserve total preparation and honestly you do need like one week to really nail this... it is not difficult at all.... and really... yo do not need to know how to solve the cube at all....

and Gregs explanation does cover everything... as usual...

advice... do thing really twice before purchasing... it is totally great effect to own... but you do need to put some hours in to get it nailed down in your brain...

it is not a self solving thing... you do need to put quite some time to learn it... if you can do this then get it and you will not regret....