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Trick by SansMinds
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SansMinds Sharpie

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Trick by SansMinds (35.00)

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SansMinds Sharpie  - magic
SansMinds Sharpie SansMinds Sharpie SansMinds Sharpie

SansMinds Sharpie is a game-changing Sharpie marker designed for magicians' everyday miracle. Imagine drawing a design on the spectator's hand with a Sharpie, and moving it to anywhere you want. Your own hand, onto a surface, another object, or another area of the spectator's body. No chemicals and non-toxic.

Use it as your everyday sharpie and being able to pull miracles with absolutely no preparation! The every magician's best friend. No preparations, and nothing extra to carry on you but your everyday Sharpie.


Customer reviews for SansMinds Sharpie



Great idea...if it actually worked. I've tried every variation of rubbing the ink off that I can think of. Every time it won't rub off all completely and leaves residue or streaks. It's nowhere near able to run off with one swipe as in the videos. Hell, even in the instructions you can see it doesn't always rub off, but they cleverly edit the video so it looks like it does. I was super excited about this after seeing it on the David Blaine special, but now I'm sorely disappointed.


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  • Ken asks: Could I use this have a spectator write their initials on a quarter and then move their initials to their hand? Could a beginner use this gimmick, or would I need to be more experienced?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You can and you will need audience management skill
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