Shufton's Portal

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Shufton's Portal

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DVD & props by Steve Shufton ($45.60 - normally $60.00)

In stock - very few available. Order now — we'll send it first thing Wednesday morning
Shufton's Portal - magic

David Regal was kind enough to send us an advanced copy of Shufton’s Portal. And while David is one of my favorite magicians in the industry, I was skeptical of the item in question for one reason: I’m hesitant to use any items that appear abstract—like balls or props that don’t look like items found in daily life. 

NOT A PROBLEM! Just watch the demo video and I think that all your concerns, like mine, will fade away. The prop is actually quite charming and intriguing, and it serves to ADD interest rather than detract from the magic.  

Plus, just look at the magic. You can do breathtaking changes and transformations, and I could see this being a fabulous piece to music. I’m glad Regal performs this in the close-up gallery at the Magic Castle because that seems to be a perfect setting for it: formal close-up.  

My other concern for the prop was angles. Sure, these things look amazing from the front, but what kind of angle restrictions are there? Good news here, too. As long as you keep the angled more or less toward the floor (which feels awkward at first) your angles are extremely good, and you will be able to perform this in most any scenario you are likely to encounter. 

There’s excellent value with the package: you get several balls, the portal prop (which has four secret and VERY helpful gimmicks built in…don’t want to tip too much here, but these add SO MUCH versatility), a couple other props, and a detailed DVD taught by one of magic’s most trusted teachers…Mr. David Regal. It’s a classy package and a very unique item. 


Five full routines, performed and explained by David Regal

This amazing device will allow you to produce, vanish, transform, change and mutate small objects at will. Colorful, easy and visually amazing!

When Steve Shufton discovered this Portal to the 4rth dimension, he realized that this is for YOU, the performing magician. Why? Because Shufton's Portal is the absolute perfect trick for table hopping, walk-around, seated and stand up performances in any close-up or parlor venue, and at any time!  

David Regal fell into the 4rth dimension, and liked it there! That is why he went to the Academy of Magical Arts and had them lower the drawbridge to the Magic Castle, where he demonstrated, in 5 stunning routines, just a taste of what Shufton and Regal discovered through the Portal. Full performances and explanations are presented on the instructional DVD that comes with your package. AND, so much more!  

Don't stop there - your own creative juices will burst out! You will endlessly invent new material for the Portal to entertain your audiences of all ages.  

Here is what you get:

  • Shufton's Portal
  • Spheres
  • Color Bender
  • Instructional DVD
  • David Regal teaches you 5 full routines and tons of additional handlings and tips!


"Shufton's Portal arrived today. What a wonderful prop it is. Great magic, with a unique theme. Many tricks require practice, but your trick is so much fun, it requires playing around. It's too enjoyable to call it practicing. 

The assortment of effects on the DVD were all wonderful - David Regal fooled me several times. While watching the DVD, I thought of some clever moves to do with the trick, but as I continued watching, the moves I thought about were taught. None of my ideas turned out to be new or original. You and David seem to have covered it all. 

I would like to produce a glass of whiskey for the climax. The difficult thing will be to keep (my) routine short. With so many neat moves and so many possible suprise endings, I could wind up doing 20 minutes - especially if I'm watching myself in the mirror! 

I really do think your portal is an exceptionally clever idea. If I would have been able to improve upon your idea I would have gladly shared my ideas with you. I think Shufton's Portal is perfect." - Steve Dusheck 

"The Portal rocks. Magical, Enchanting and so versatile... it's like Card Warp in 3 Dimensions!" - Ben Harris 

"My only problem with Steve Shufton's newest effect, "The Portal," is deciding which of the several provided routines I prefer. They all look like like real crowd pleasers." - Tony L. Lewis  

Get your Portal today - Let the 4rth dimensional fun begin!


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Shufton's Portal by Steve Shufton