Silk Thru Phone

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Silk Thru Phone

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Trick by Jeimin Lee ($15.00)

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Silk Thru Phone - magic
Silk Thru Phone Silk Thru Phone Silk Thru Phone Silk Thru Phone

Borrow any smart phone from anyone. Show an ordinary red silk. Place one end of the silk onto the screen of the borrowed phone. Remove your hand and one end of the silk is now seen to be penetrated inside the phone. Your hand is completely empty, the silk is hanging by itself with one end that went inside the middle of the borrowed phone.

Now your one hand is gripping the phone just by the fingers, and your free hand starts pulling the silk from the back of the phone. The silk from the front is clearly seen going through the middle of the phone until it completely comes out of the other side. The screen can be seen to be completely intact with no hole in it. The phone is shown clearly, slowly, front and back that it is completely normal without any damage, and immediately returned to the owner.

There are different versions of silk through phone on the market using similar but different gimmicks. This is an original version created by top professional Korean magician Jeimin Lee which is completely invisible, very effective and simple to handle. Your spectator will be looking directly at the gimmick but will not see it. Similar to what you do with invisible threads. It is there, but they cannot see it. Easy to learn and an extremely visual effect that you can perform immediately.

There are already pirated version of this trick out there, so please be sure to know this is the original gimmick created by Magic Artist Jeimin Lee from Korea. The gimmick is custom made and fine tuned for best effectiveness and invisibility. So please support the original creator.

Comes with custom designed invisible silk thru phone gimmick, downloadable instructions in Korean and English, and a large 18 inch red silk.


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Really cute and easy to do. A bit of practice and you're ready to go--pulling the (supplied) silk through a phone, or bottle of water . . . or a deck of cards. I use a dry erase marker to make "small doors" on both sides of a deck of cards, explaining that's how I pull the silk through. Then I wipe off the doors (!!) and pull out the cards. What seems to be a "here's how I do it" effect becomes a real mystery!