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Spark - Self Lighting Candle

Trick (pre-order) by The Orange Tree Magic

Spark - Self Lighting Candle

175.00 usd

Trick (pre-order) by The Orange Tree Magic ($175.00)

Spark - Self Lighting Candle - magic
Spark - Self Lighting Candle Spark - Self Lighting Candle Spark - Self Lighting Candle Spark - Self Lighting Candle

Spark is the world’s first remote controlled self lighting candle designed exclusively for close-up magic. This candle looks and feels exactly like a real candle—to the point where you can actually place it on your spectator’s hands. Yet, with just the quick push of a button, you can make a flame magically burst out of the top of the real candlewick.

I love "Spark". It's reliable, easy to use, and magical! Cyril Takayama

This is something that I've wanted to do forever but could never find the right way to do it. It's perfect! Dan White

Unlike other self lighting candles that were often reserved for stage magic or parlor magic, Spark is the perfect companion for close-up magicians. You can place the candle directly on your spectator’s hands without them ever suspecting it is gimmicked.

A fuel tank that can house enough lighter fluid for repeat ignitions and a long burning time of more than 10 minutes is cleverly concealed within the candle. Just fill your Spark before your show begins and you’ll be ready to produce a flame whenever you need it, from up to 5 meters (16 feet) away.

Spark is also equipped with a USB quick charge system. With just ten minutes of charging, the candle will be ready to perform for the next 10 hours (when put in open circuit). An internal on/off switch also helps prevent unnecessary battery consumption and extend the standby time of your Spark.


As Spark is naturally a perfect complement for any Gypsy Thread routine, you will also receive a spool of amazing glow-in-the-dark thread that doubles as an innocent looking secret key for opening the inner compartments of the candle.


  • Easy to use, fuel and charge (USB quick charge system)
  • Large fuel reservoir allowing for repeat ignitions & long burning time(10mins+)
  • Long standby time (1 Hour+)
  • A five-meter control radius
  • Provided with candlewick and spool of thread that can last 100+ performances
  • Can be packed in carry-on luggage in United States and China (other countries may vary)

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    Walter asks: What type of warranty does this have.and what would be the cost to repair said unit beyond warranty period if any?

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