The Perfect Vanish

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The Perfect Vanish

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Magic download (video) by Tony Polli ($4.95)

Magicians have been searching for the perfect retention of vision vanish for well over 100 years. A vanish that is practical, has ease of handling, versatile and visual is not only difficult, but almost impossible to find. That is until now. Enter Tony Polli from Italy. An award winning MASTER of sleight of hand. He has built a reputation in Europe for a technique he calls The Perfect Vanish. Now he's sharing his secrets with you.

On the download, you will learn:

The Basic Vanish - Tony will give you the REAL WORK on The Perfect Vanish for multiple camera angles. He will take you through all the ins and outs that make this one of the most visually striking coin vanishes to date.

The Multiple Vanish - Not only can you perform this vanish with a single coin or small object, you can also perform with a fan of 3 or 4 coins. Imagine being able to visually get ahead in a coins across routine all in one kick-ass move. You'll learn the secrets here.

The Change - Tony gives a detailed description of one of the coolest, most practical routines on the download. Imagine being able to show a coin and change it into another small object like a ring, a smaller coin, or even a bank note! Tony reveals the inner workings so you an add this to your working repertoire today!

Thru The Table - Most magicians have performed some version of coin through table before. Tony's Thru The Table combines the visual nature of The Perfect Vanish with the coin through glass table effect with startling results.


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Customer reviews for The Perfect Vanish



This vanish is so simple, yet so effective. The more you practice this, the better it looks. Love it!



The retention of Vision is very Deceptive.
I would recommend any serious magician learn this and Put in the time to learn it well before sharing it with your will be rewarded with a very deceptive vanish that simply looks nothing short of real magic.
Can’t wait for the release of “Niagara Vanish” by this Artist.

Darryl Vanamburg



This remains my retention vanish of choice.

The Perfect Vanish by Tony Polli