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Magic download (video) by Brent Lill ($9.95)

Transform a borrowed phone into your own personal ATM with "With-Draw" by Brent Lill.

This exciting piece of close-up magic is a fun to watch as it is to perform. Brent has kept it secret for many years.

It uses a super creative gimmick that you can start building today. And the best part, it's easy to make and super versatile.

With the "With-Draw" gimmick, you can produce money, a note or a prediction from a borrowed:

  • Phone
  • Pack of gum
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Or even someone's shoe!

The bill or paper prints slowly in a unique way right from the side of their item! It all happens right in front of their eyes.

If you like building gimmicks or unusual and unique magic, then "With-Draw" is the magic trick for you.

Download "With-Draw" by Brent Lill today!


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Not bad instruction, Although i wish that Brent went into more detail and instruction on the actual performance of it, the majority of the download is him instructing you on how to make the gimmick but as with anything you will pick it up with practice. All in all I am happy with my 10 dollars worth


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