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Write, Not Right Sharpie - magic

Wayne has turned his attention to mentalism. Developing a brilliant yet simple utility device for the working mentalist.

It's a Sharpie that writes. Then when the mentalist/magician decides, doesn't write.


It's a Sharpie that doesn't write. Then when the mentalist/magician decides, does write.

You decide!

Unlike any other gimmicked Sharpie pen on the market, you can show and use the pen as normal from the outset.

Then when you want to, hand it to the spectator -- it doesn't write. If it suits your working practice, you can do it the other way around.

You can even end up with the pen writing again!

Experienced mentalists will immediately recognize the value of such a tool, and will also welcome the simplicity of its manufacture.

Each Sharpie is carefully and lovely hand-made.

With handling notes from Mr. X himself, Marc Spelmann (Britain's Got Talent)

  • One pen
  • Always in sight of the spectator
  • Never switched for another pen
  • A myriad of uses
  • Always ready to use
  • It's another DTrik exclusive for discerning mentalists everywhere.

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  • Mark asks: Is it possible to refill this when it runs dry, or would opening it up damage it? Thanks

    • 1. Mike answers: Yes Mark. It is a standard sharpie pen (sort of...lol)
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  • Daniel asks: Can it be refilled?

    • 1. Andrew answers: Theoretically, yes, as you cn refill a normal Sharpie. But there are no instruction on such, and you would experiment at your own risk.
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Write, Not Right Sharpie by Wayne Dobson