Pearl's Coin (Download)

Magic download (video) by Mr. Pearl
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Pearl's Coin (Download)

49.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Mr. Pearl (49.95)

Pearl's Coin (Download) - magic
Pearl's Coin (Download) Pearl's Coin (Download) Pearl's Coin (Download)

Mr. Pearl is one of the leading magicians in Korea. He has won the Grand Prix in close-up magic, both in Korea and Japan. Interestingly, his true competence comes from his experience while performing as a bar magician for 10 years. In his debut project, Pearl's Coin, he reveals 8 of his very best coin routines. Exclusively at Vanishing Inc., you can get the download for half price for a limited time only.

Just by watching this download, you will find yourself grow as a magician.

Mr. Pearl, one of the best magicians in South Korea, finally reveals 8 of his selected coin effects from his working repertoire.

Coin Division
This beautiful production of 4 coins is a genuine pleasure to the eyes. It's a great eye-catcher for you to get into your Coins Across or Matrix routine.

Coin Across
Any lover of coin magic will love Mr. Pearl's take on this classic plot.

OP Matrix (2 versions)
You'll have to see it with your own eyes to believe this Matrix is possible.

Good Night Matrix
This routine alone is worth the price of the Download! This is Mr. Pearl's absolutely favorite routine, and it will soon be yours as well.

Angel's Hanky
If you could REALLY produce coins from a handkerchief, it would look very much like this one.

CG Routine (2 versions)
This streamlined version of the classic Coin & Glass plot is Mr. Pearl's way of making the routine look more natural and as convincing as possible.

I have just watched the Download ""Pearls Coin" by Mr Pearl and I must say I'm very impressed by the clean execution and magical content of his work. Coin magic has come along way since J B Bobo's Coin Magic. This Download will delight coin magicians considerably. The effects will be familiar: coin productions, matrix, coins across, coins and glass. classic plots, however, the methods and techniques produce really clean effects. I am very impressed with this Download and I am confident it will introduce The Coin Magic of Mr Pearl to a wider global audience.

Highly recommended.Michael Vincent


Customer reviews for Pearl's Coin (Download)



Amazing material here. His Coin Division is very challenging, but an incredibly useful skill to acquire. Fantastic methodology for coins across. The matrixes are very strong, and arguably worth the price of admission. If you perform in settings like a lounge, bar, or corporate events, then this material is tailor made for you and that. The teaching is good, and important moments are repeated and slowed down for explanation with recaps. I love when classics of coin magic get streamlined to remove any ostentations and handling weaknesses, and that's EXACTLY what Mr. Pearl manages to do in all of his magic. I highly recommend!


Community questions about Pearl's Coin (Download)

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  • Joel asks: Can any of this material be performed standing up, without a table?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Some routines require a table. Others do not.
  • Rory asks: Does this require significant pre-existing knowledge of and ability to perform sleight of hand techniques with coins in order to learn the material?

    • 1. James answers: If you are a beginning to intermediate coin magician, you should be fine.
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  • Lewis asks: Is the teaching only visual or are there verbal explanations as well? If there are verbal instructions, are they in English or subtitles?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: It's a verbal explanation, the voice in Korean with English captioned
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  • Daniel asks: Are the sleights "knuckle Busters" or conventional sleights?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I would say it's a mixture. There are some common sleights in the download but this is not an easy download, it's more for the intermediate to advanced coin magician.
  • Kerry asks: Do all of the effects use ungimmicked Coins? Is this available with DVD?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Some routine use a common gaff coin
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  • Mark asks: I don't think I'm asking you to tip anything when I ask: how many of the routines require ability to Classic Palm? I agree with Gary Oullett regarding the fact that the shape of some people's hands makes it impossible to CP.

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You can email they will be happy to help
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  • Tod asks: Is Pearl's Coin video in English, Dubbed or Subbed?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is subtitled.
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