Hugard’s Magic Monthly Volume 10

Magic download (ebook) by Jean Hugard
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Hugard’s Magic Monthly Volume 10

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Magic download (ebook) by Jean Hugard (11.99)

The incomparable Hugard’s Magic Monthly has more magic per page than almost any other periodical ever published.

Fred Braue said, “On the whole, I think there is more good material in Hugard’s than all the remaining magazines put together”. 

Edited by Jean Hugard, Hugard’s Magic Monthly was “Devoted solely to the interests of magic and magicians” from 1943 to 1964 and featured the most interesting information on the magic scene during that period. Hugard wrote, “My object in publishing this sheet is to set forth fully, clearly and conscientiously the best things in magic so that if my readers absorb the instructions and carry them out in practice they will acquire a repertoire of good magic that will last a lifetime”. He succeeded admirably! 

Hugard’s boasts 245 issues, more than 1,560 individual tricks and sleights, and 2500 pages in 21 volumes. Quite a lot of material. Inside you will find tricks, articles, and news pertaining to a veritable who’s who: Max Malini, Victor Farelli, Ted Annemann, Martin Gardner, Harry Lorayne, Milbourne Christopher, Ross Bertram, George Kaplan, Cliff Green, Fred Braue, Jean Hugard, Jerry Andrus, Al Baker, Peter Kane, Bert Allerton, Max Katz, Sid Lorraine, Dr. Daley, Ed Marlo, Okito, Stanley Collins, Joe Berg, David Devant, Slydini, Dai Vernon, Hugh Scott, Howie Schwartzman, Jay Marshall, Emil Jarrow, S. Leo Horowitz, Cliff Green, Frank Garcia, Paul Curry, Chung Ling Soo, Kellar, John Scarne, Robert-Houdin, T. Nelson Downs, Charlie Miller, Nate Leipzig, Stewart James, and many more!

Inside this volume you will find columns on the SAM Convention in Boston, Hu-Gardenias, Book Profiles by John J. Crimmins Jr., Milbourne Christopher’s Column, Farelli’s London Letter, The I.B.M. Convention, Sleeving–An Art by Ross Bertram, Encyclopedia of Impromptu Tricks by Martin Gardner, Card Corner, Patter Collected by Cliff Green, The Odin Cards, The Wishing Well, Roundabout with Fred Braue, and more. Additionally, find these great tricks and articles:
Out of the Universe by Harry Lorayne
Double Billema by Harry Lorayne
The Vanishing Lady by Harry G. Franke
The Thumb Tie by Jean Hugard
Card Prediction by Gerald Kosky
Card Corner – Spin and Catch by Vynn Boyar Gin Rummy
“In Excelsis” by Bert Feinson
The Necromantic Necktie by Jesse Schimmel
Zig-Zag by George G.
Kaplan Easy Aces by Larry Shean
Coins Galore by Jerry Hornak
A Dream Comes True by Arthur Punnar
Magic Printing by Dr. Joseph H. Fries
Lighted Cigarette Vanish by Jesse Schimmel
Rizzio’s Dagger by Tom Hawbecker
The Magic Egg Producer by Ottokar Fischer
Self Smoking Cigarettes by Orville Meyer
Opener for Close-Up Routine by Jean Hugard
Card Corner – Ace Control by Fred Braue


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