Hugard’s Magic Monthly Complete File

Magic download (ebook) by Jean Hugard
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Hugard’s Magic Monthly Complete File

79.99 usd

Magic download (ebook) by Jean Hugard (79.99)

Full Color! Downloadable PDF of Hugard’s Magic Monthly, the Complete File!

The incomparable Hugard’s Magic Monthly has more magic per page than almost any other periodical ever published. Completely new scan in full color (the toned paper makes it feel like a real magazine and not reading a computer screen). An amazing value. *Please note that we could not include all volumes in one single download due to the size. 

Please make sure to view your confirmation email as it will contain the download links to all of the volumes.


Customer reviews for Hugard’s Magic Monthly Complete File



Man oh man, where do I begin. I was at a magic convention in Ft. Worth Tx. The other guys had gone to see a show and I was in the lobby with one other guy. He proceeded to wreck me. I've been a magician for 30 years, and a professional magician for 9 years and he fooled me with card magic I had never seen before. I don't just mean plots I hadn't seen. I mean methods I hadn't seen. We ended up jamming for over an hour. This legend of a card handler taught me some of the routines but when I asked where to find it in print, he said "Hugard's Magic Monthly from the 1940's".

I was very pleased to find it as a compendium on VI. I ordered immediately. It took me about a week to find some of the routines he performed because he had refined the handling on them and the presentation was not the same. But after I read each method of the card tricks from the newsletters, I finally recognized the routines. It took forever because this is a massive compendium! I feel like you could build an entire career in magic using just what's in these monthly newsletters.

The old guys always say the best magic is in the old books, and this is certainly a case where that was true.


Professional Review Hugard’s Magic Monthly Complete File

Community questions about Hugard’s Magic Monthly Complete File

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  • paul asks: Is it possible to search these volumes? Is there an index?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There isn't an index, but the PDFs are searchable. These magazines are an absolute goldmine!
  • Glenn asks: Is the complete file available on CD or DVD?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, they are only available as a PDF download.
  • Glenn asks: Just to be clear, Hugard’s Magic Monthly Complete File Magic download (ebook) by Jean Hugard ($79.99) contains PDF Files of the 21 Volumes of the periodical, that is, 12 issues per year for 21 years, in their entirety, included in full color? Is that correct?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, there are 21 volumes. Not sure on the issues per volume. It was published in black and white.
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