Magicseen Magazine - September 2012

Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Magazine

Magicseen Magazine - September 2012

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Magic download (ebook) by Magicseen Magazine ($6.00)

At Vanishing Inc., we have always sought to curate products which love. They must be unique, of a high quality and different. Magicseen Magazine is exactly that and we are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with them.

Published in England, Magicseen is COMPLETELY different to any of its competitors. The modern ‘glossy’ format and lighthearted approach makes it ideal to pick up at any time. There is a wonderful combination of feature length articles, short columns, reviews, tricks and more. In recent years, the ‘Masterclass’ section has garnered a lot attention due to the quality of the tricks featured there and with the international contributors which it is able to boast, it is no wonder why!

We believe that this digital format is the perfect way to enjoy Magicseen. You can read it on your phone, iPad or tablet, anywhere in the world, at any time. With issues published on a bi-monthly basis, you will have plenty of time to read and absorb the articles at your leisure while benefitting from outward-looking, international style which Magicseen offers.

Issue 46 contents:

  • Welcome
  • Letters
  • In The News
  • It’s All In Your Approach - Part 1
  • How To be Dynamo
  • Celebrity Magic - Lina Leandersson
  • Gone In 60 Seconds
  • Sean Alexander
  • In The Phone Box
  • Masterclass
  • Live Review - Ghost
  • Uri Geller
  • Running Away With The Circus
  • Shaun McCree
  • Reviews
  • In The News
  • Club Land

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