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Magic download (ebook) by Ben Harris
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X-Ray Ebook

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Magic download (ebook) by Ben Harris (24.00)

The performer removes a deck from the case and gives it a complete shuffle. He thumbs through the deck to demonstrate that all the cards are different, and the deck is complete. Placing the deck on the table, he instructs the spectator that he will leave the room. While the performer is gone, the spectator is to cut the deck anywhere with a simple cut, turn the card cut to face up, memorize the card, and put the cut off portion back on the deck, leaving the selection face up. The spectator is then to take the deck, put it in the case and seal the case, leave the cased deck on the table, and signal the magician to return to the room. The performer leaves the room, the spectator does as instructed and the performer returns. 

The performer explains that he has developed an uncanny ability to see the hidden-almost a type of X-Ray vision. Without ever touching the case, the performer focuses an intense gaze on the boxed deck. Much to the astonishment of onlookers, he reveals the name of the card that has been inverted! 

But now things get even crazier. He again focuses his gaze on the box, and finally calls out a number. Again, he never touches the box. He instructs the spectator to take the cards out of the box, and deal the cards one at a time onto the table face up, counting for each card dealt. Tension builds as the spectator nears the number called. When the number is reached, there is the spectator's face up card! Not only has the performer accurately perceived the chosen card in a deck sealed in a box, but he named the actual position of the card as well! 


  • All can be examined-the deck is found to be normal in every way.
  • Once in the spectator's possession, the performer never touches the deck again.
  • The deck is complete with 52 different cards-no duplicates.
  • Any deck can be used, the effect can even be performed impromptu with a borrowed deck.
  • No stooges, confederates, peeks, electronics or mirrors.
  • No gaffs or gimmicks.
  • No prepared box, the deck and box are REAL.
  • Can be done one on one, or for a group of any size.
  • Astonishing, strong impact, mentalism at its finest!
  • Once you fully understand Steve's approach, you'll be able to perform The X-Ray Deck anywhere.

Pages: 28 - Black and White - 8 1/2" x 11" - Saddle-Stitched

Here's what some professional mentalists and scholars have said about THE XRAY DECK:

"X-RAY is one of the most fantastic effects I have come across. I like simple, easy-to-perform effects that require subtlety and sleight of mind rather than sleight of hand. This is an effect that Al Koran would have been proud to have invented. I can not wait to perform it and I know it is going to become a magical classic." - Martin Breese

"Not only did I immediately absorb every last detail and nuance employed in the development of the X-RAY routine, I was blown away by the number of well known and respected names I encountered that had a collaborative role in its construction. X-RAY is an extremely powerful and entertaining effect. Watching Steve Shufton and Ben Harris concoct a recipe for a satisfying and delicious mental effect is as sweet as the frosting on my cake. Do I like it? You bet I do. Highly recommended." - Larry Becker

"A wonderfully clear cut plot. This is very powerful and appears utterly impossible." - Marc Paul

"Great idea, great routine and great thinking! Another winner!" - Greg Arce

"X-RAY is an amazing effect that also ENTERTAINS the audience. I know the professional performers, with dynamic personalities, will love X-RAY. However, I know X-ray will be a miracle, even when performed by average magicians, just for their friends." - Steve Dusheck

34 pages + 13 page bonus ebook


Customer reviews for X-Ray Ebook



X-Ray (in my opinion) is one of those tricks that I would pay twice the money for,it really gets better everytime you perform it, and not only does it fool laymen........it fools magicians as well (Badly fools!)
Although, the only problem is that it does not always work,but works 85% of the time.

Ethan Walsh



Having read the description of this effect, I was quite excited as it sounded like it would fit perfectly into one of my sets, though I also prepared myself to be let down if the method didn't allow the kind of use and presentation I required. Somewhat more recklessly than normal, I bought it with little forethought, and upon reading the first few paragraphs of the explanation, I felt kind of sceptical.

However, after trying it out for myself a few times, I quickly realised the potential. While there is a slim chance that it will not work, especially if you pick the wrong spectator, the overwhelming majority of the time will be a hit, and if it does miss, there are several sensible outs suggested that work nicely. The beauty of the method lies in its simplicity and the fact that it is truly as hands off an any effect can get. There is really no conceivable solution for the audience.

While it is very rare that I actually add anything new to my regular sets, having now performed this on a number of occasions, I can safely say that this is to be one of the rare effects awarded a fixed slot in my performances.


Professional Review X-Ray Ebook

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