Change Bag with Turning Handle (Jumbo)

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Change Bag with Turning Handle (Jumbo) - magic

A change bag is a classic magical utility prop that had numerous uses. You can use it to make something vanish, appear and change to something else. The bag you see here is more advanced that the usual one because it is very large and is capable of handling bigger objects. Therefore, many routines are possible with this prop.


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I bought a Jumbo Change Bag for my space-themed library show to transform a set of doll's underwear into a jumbo pair of panties, a plot from the book "Aliens in Underpants Save the World." I performed the effect for a few weeks, but eventually the tube-like holder that the handle fits in became severed from the circular bag holder. Perhaps the items I used were too heavy, but I expected the Jumbo size to hold larger (and therefore heavier objects). However, when I informed Vanishing Inc. that the item had broken, they sent me a replacement right away.

The wooden handle fits in the tube-like receptacle and can be held in the either/or position with friction by pushing it in slightly. You have to pull it out a little to loosen the grip to allow for the turn of the handle.
There is no mention of this in the instructions, so I may have started the severing problem by trying to turn the handle while it was in the locked position. Also, there is some "give" to the wire gimmick as you turn the handle. I thought I may have created that when I forced the turn of the handle the first time, but the replacement has the same "give" to it.