Steve Rowe Live Lecture


Steve Rowe Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Steve Rowe ($7.95)

Steve Rowe is a newcomer to the magic scene, but has made his impact felt! He's known for his practical effects that have been molded and refined until they are perfection - every move, every beat, and every word has been thoroughly thought out.

This creative dynamo will share some of his insights on creating props, and using them to get the maximum impact. He will also instruct in some of the techniques he uses to create his own props, including his methods for making flap cards - worth the price of the lecture alone.

So join us on a fun and incredible journey into the mind of one of the most creative thinkers in magic today!

Some of his sweeter effects will include:

Sweet Worker's Set: It's quirky, it's fun, it's completely modular -- perfect for restaurant work! It's an entire set with multiple moments of powerful magic!

Special Gift Deck: A utility deck for bringing non-organic objects into play in a natural way!

Breakaway Sharpie: A gag gimmick that is guaranteed a laugh!

Sweet Pen: A roll of candy becomes a working Sharpie marker!

Appear8: An eye-popping effect where an 8 ball is drawn onto a case and immediately pulled off the box to reveal a real 8 ball in your hand!

LollyPOP: Appear8's little brother! A lollipop image is on a card, removed, and can now be performed with or handed out to a lucky spectator!

Lolly Through: An ultra-visual lollipop penetration through a bill or note!

Signed Note Transformed and Restored: A signature is visually pulled off a signed note and handed to the spectator! Then with a wave, the Queen closes her eyes and goes to sleep and can be handed out as an impossible object!

#46 Amazing Torn and Restored Card Trick: This is a hilarious piece of business... imagine T&R meeting the Bandana trick! And as usual, someone ends up getting a piece of candy!

Lolli Hero: A superhero character is chosen and a lollipop is shown all around to be completely normal. Without any switches or anything taken away, the magician puts the sweet in their mouth and moments later, the lollipop is in the shape of the chosen hero! You'll love this latest iteration!


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Steve Rowe Live Lecture by Steve Rowe