Andi Gladwin Live Lecture (2)

Live lecture by Andi Gladwin
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Andi Gladwin Live Lecture (2)

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Live lecture by Andi Gladwin ($7.95)

We are incredibly excited to announce that Andi Gladwin is back for his second At The Table Lecture! The only British magician to perform at President Obama's inauguration, Andi is a world class sleight of hand artist whose routines are filled with wit, charisma, and a ton of magic. If you're a hobbyist looking to make a career in magic, or if you are a seasoned pro looking to book more gigs, Andi gives invaluable insight on how to market yourself, build a website, and organize a business around performing magic. But more importantly, Andi delivers with his style of hard-hitting magic - his walk-around routine which alone has twelve moments of magic built into it. Join us At The Table, as we welcome once again the one and only, Andi Gladwin. Here's what you'll learn:

Fireworks Card Routine: Andi's killer walk-around routine. He's designed this worker with a series of twelve quick-fire magical moments that fully engages three or more spectators. While this is performed without a memorized deck, the best kept secret of this trick is that it can be performed without destroying a stack, making it a natural opener for mem-deck work.

Pickpocket Biddless: Inspired by Guastaferro's "Biddless", Andi "pickpockets" the spectator's chosen card from within the spectator's grip revealing it to be in his own pocket. But this effect is made even better with a powerful surprise ending.

Monte Python: A "Flat-Monte" routine perfect for walk-around. No gaffs or gimmicks in this version, and it always leaves spectators scratching their heads.

Pocket Mule: This trick might start off as a joke, but it ends with the magician really pulling out a freely selected card from his pocket. The real magic behind this trick is that it is a perfect out for anytime you've ever mis-forced a card, lost a break, or for some reason are unable to finish a trick. "Pocket Mule" can be a real life saver.


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The lecture was full of marketing ideas for magicians trying to get more gigs. Andi analyzed his website in depth and went through his whole inquiry process. Also, he shared 4 hard-hitting tricks. I will only be performing one trick off the lecture, Pickpocket Biddless, but if you are beginning to perform magic in public, the Fireworks Card Routine is a great trick to use. Although this lecture was not full of tricks, this is easily worth $7.95 because Andi shares great advice about getting gigs and marketing your magic.



Clearly one of the best lectures in the series. The website tips alone are worth much more than the cost of this one!



For magician's who are out there working, this purchase has got to be the best value out there. I immediately made a few changes to my website, and 3 of the 4 routines taught are going straight into my strolling and impromptu repertoire. No other thing for $8 is more worthy of an investment for workers who use card magic.


Pranav Harish

This lecture was awesome. Great tips on marketing yourself, and how to design your website. Also the 4 tricks that were taught were really powerful, and each trick fits in for different kinds of situations which I love! Again, awesome lecture!



more lectures like this one are needed. Andi covers important key points on the subject of maintaining a homepage. For just 7 - 8 $ you can't get a better experience.

Andi Gladwin Live Lecture (2) by Andi Gladwin