Myles Thornton Live Lecture

Live lecture by Myles Thornton
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Myles Thornton Live Lecture

7.95 usd

Live lecture by Myles Thornton ($7.95)

Flown out to America from Britain just for this lecture, Myles Thornton is a breakthrough rising star in magic. You may know Myles from his release, Circulus, which was an instant Best-seller. Myles uses sleight of hand to create stunning visual magic with rings, coins, Sharpies, lighters, wine glasses, and balls... crystal balls. This lecture guarantees to have something for everybody; from the newest of magic hobbyists to the top working pros. Don't miss your chance to discover the secrets of Myles Thornton, right here At The Table!

Here's what you'll learn:

Strong, direct and powerful Ring Magic of Myles Thornton you can carry with you everywhere on your finger!

Impossible Ring Appearance: A ring is vanished, only to appear in a truly impossible location. Sandwiched between your hand and the spectator's hand.

Back in time: A visual demonstration of time travel. Watch as the ring fades away from the fingertips and travels back in time onto the ring finger. A fantastic closer for your ring routine.

Anti-gravity ring: With the snap of your fingers, an un-gimmicked ring flies from one hand to the other.

Stuck: A jaw-droppingly visual routine where the magic happens to the magician and forces him to give up.

Impromptu Assassin: Inspired by legendary Magician Rune Klan. This is Myles' go-to routine that is jam-packed with tons of visual moments. A great lesson in sleight of hand and misdirection.

Gypsy Vanish: A vanish that was taught to Myles whilst he was street performing by a young gypsy kid.

Ring flurry In A Hurry: A snappy, quick, visual sequence inspired by the coin magic of Eric Jones.

Bonus: Learn how to roll a ring down your arm and catch it in your hand. A flourish that will make you look like a sleight of hand expert!

Full Circle: Myles Thornton's worker coin routine. This is the perfect coin piece for the worker! It resets itself, only uses one pocket, is packed full of visual magic, has built in comedy and eliminates the need to carry a big clunky jumbo coin.

Fun with the magician's trusty companion... a Sharpie.

Color Changing Sharpie: A shocking color change of a Sharpie that catches the spectator off guard and demands their attention. The perfect moment of magic in-between routines.

Sharpfly: A Sharpie flies vertically between the hands. Like a muscle pass, but no muscles required!

Coin Flight: A borrowed coin is signed and vanished. Show your hands empty and reach into your back pocket to reveal the coin is now clipped to the Sharpie cap.

Pretty Simple Pen Production: A simple way to make a Sharpie appear at any time. How convenient!

Pen Vanish: A classic vanish with a new clean up. Show both hands completely empty without sleeving.

IF (Impromptu Float): One of Myles's proudest creations! Imagine if it was possible to borrow an empty or full wine glass and make it float out of the spectator's hand. No gimmicks, no thread, no magnets. Stop Imagining, it's possible! A real reputation maker!


Contact Juggling for Magicians: Learn how Myles uses the art of contact juggling to attract an audience. No more awkward introductions!

Warm Up: A vanishing lighter effect that is funny and visual. This can be built on the fly using objects every magician has.

Download the video and start learning today!

Note: The lecture will be aired on October 16th


Customer reviews for Myles Thornton Live Lecture



Great Lecture from one of the most talented young magicians out there. So much material to learn some you will be able to do straight away and others that will be an exciting challenge. A lot of base skills you can learn and then build your own routines from. Engaging and easy to understand teacher. ATT lectures are such good value you cannot go wrong with this one



A brilliant lecture! Full of well thought out routines and visually engaging magic, I can't wait to knuckle down and learn some of this material, especially Myles's work on ring magic!



Brilliant lecture and very original and unique i love hes look and delivery of the effects and routines.. shows with practice what u can achieve.... #DOINGAWSPROUD



one of my favorites ATT lectures!
i am one of those guys that never use Ring routines in my shows because i don't wear a ring. But after seeing Myles demonstrate one of their routines im hooked! and want to learn more about ring magic. One of the nicest part is when he teaches his Contact juggling i have the Ball at home and never got to use it and after seeing this will definitely get to practicing it again



Myles showed a lot of special “bits of business” not just effects.
Never thought I wanted to learn contact juggling but turns out I do.
Well done Myles, and thank you for a very informative, professional and entertaining lecture.



Myles makes me want to learn ring magic! He's a passionate magician with a great teaching style. The lecture is well paced and packed with absolute gems that you're going to want to perform. It's entertaining throughout and I can't recommend highly enough.


Restaurant Kümmel

This lecture is a must have! Absolutely well presented, well thought out worker routines that are obviously designed to work in the real world and let me tell you: they do!
I do ring magic already and this just added an arsenal of cool stuff to my existing routines. Not to mentions what Myles does with coins.

I can highly recommend getting this lecture. There is absolutely no going wrong on this one.



A great lecture, full of useful tips and tricks as well as great routines. Have always liked the look of contact juggling and in this lecture he shows you how to get started. Well worth watching.



Great lecture!
I enjoyed this beginning to end!
The teaching is really well done.
Myles is an all round great guy and presents a great lecture.
The vast majority is ring magic, stuff that plays really well for close up, walk around and casual settings.
The gypsy vanish fooled me so badly! I laughed so loud when I found the method!
The contact juggling stuff at the end is worth the price of the lecture alone!
10/10 would definitely recommend.



Absolutely brilliant!!!! Could not recommend more, great tricks, routines and super easy to learn from!! One of the best at the table lectures I have ever seen!!



Another 5 star review. this lecture provides workable material, 'bits of business' and a dose of inspiration. Recommended.



This was really a great lecture.I really enjoyed it.Everything is very well performed and explained.Highly recommended.
5 stars out of 5.
Best Lars / La Ville Magic



Brilliant lecture filled with real workers. Worth it for me just for the sharpie tricks! Real good stuff that you can start using straight away. If you're interested in contact juggling and sleight of hand then lots of great info for you. Highly recommended *****



This was BY FAR my favourite At The Table Lecture.
Normally in a lecture I see a few interesting ideas or things I like, occasionally I see something I want to work on or learn.

In this lecture I felt like I wanted to learn nearly everything.

Impromptu Assassin is beautiful! I don't wear a ring, but I've just ordered a cheap one to try out this routine.

Full Circle is wonderful. It can be delivered slowly, clearly and while actually interacting with an audience. Several great magical moments, and actually pretty easy. I've already begun working through this.

Throughout Myles suggests alternatives you might prefer or find easier. Lots of little ideas and quick tricks to add wherever you like.
Some great discussion, pointers and theory.

And just look at that colour changing sharpie! Thats just stunning!

Myles is a really talented magician, his explanations are clear, he's very personable, and super creative.
Bring him back for another lecture please!



An incredible lecture covering a huge range of effects! There is something for everyone here and you'll definitely get something out of this!
Myles also mentions some golden pieces of theory throughout which are well worth taking on board. I would have no hesitation in recommending this!



This is a lecture that you will remember. The thinking on magic by Myles is top tier, a working professional sharing his experience to all of us. There is ring magic, contact juggling, coin magic, and some amazing thinking on sleight of hand.

Myles brings an incredible ring and sharpie routine that is with the price of the lecture alone. Not only that but he also shows a very compact minimalist approach to a walk around coin routine. As a coin guy myself it is inspiring to see sleight of hand being pushed forward in a very pay to amaze and gimmick heavy industry.

His experience and well tuned routines shine in this lecture and is shown through excellent explanations. I would buy it again and will be keeping my eyes open for everything Myles decides to release in the future.



Best lecture so far!!



By far the best lecture I have ever watched. I lost my rings a while back and never ordered more. As soon as the lecture finished I went online and ordered more. Myles has inspired me to get back into ring and coin magic and I cant wait till they arrive so I can start practicing again.
The way Myles explains his slights make it really easy to follow and understand.
Absolutely amazing!!!!



Fantastic lecture and some fantastic magic. For a long time I've been wanting to do magic with what I have on me and this Lecture doesn't disappoint. Jam packed with ring, coin and a little contact juggling magic. For the price it's a steal and Myles is giving you what is tried and tested at gigs. For the first time it inspired me to give contact juggling ago. Again a brilliant at the table!!



There are a lot of good lectures out there, but this one might be my favorite! There is SO much good content on here. Almost everything is impromptu, visual close up magic. If you like ring magic, then you're going to love this lecture. I cannot recommend this one enough!



Very practical, very clever, very strong real magic. Well thought, well explained and very well performed. Myles is very creative and what he presents is something special for the real world! Great, must to have for every magician!

Thank you Myles!



This was Lecture was recommended to me by a friend, but I have seen Myles work and love his style so had already made my mind up to purchase it. This lecture is exceptional, clear detailed instruction. and great material.
Thank you



The lecture is amazing! Myles explains very well! If you like impromptu magic you need to buy this!



I saw Myles at The Magic Circle in the Club Room some time ago, and was captivated by his ring and Sharpie routine. So many beautiful moments, and fooled me over and over again.

Then I saw his full circle coin routine and I was sold. This Lecture is packed full of phenomenally marvellous visual magic that you can pick up and drop direct into your working repertoire, with almost no extra investment in props.

You can buy almost everything you need for less than £10 and have HOURS of really strong and impromptu magic.

Every stand alone effect is easily with the price of this lecture, and that you get this much value for such a TINY cost, is unbelievable.

I don't do Ring Magic, yet I just bought a couple of rings to start learning this, as once I have, I will start to use it. and those coins.... WOW!

To all who were involved in this, thank you. So wonderfully enlightening, and packed full of everyday usable hints, tips and value that will enhance everyones magic, and give them things that they can make a reputation by!

Thanks Myles, excellent work, truly marvellous! Can't wait to see what more you have to offer in the future!



One of, if not THE most value for money magic download that money can buy.

Packed full of workable 'walk-around' effects that even a novice performer can start doing in a matter of hours. There's no real knuckle busters hidden in there and includes small psychological subtelties to enhance some of the tricks tenfold.

If you're starting out in magic, or wanting to learn something new, visual, and powerful to your repertoire - this is it!



This was, is and will be a great lecture. A nice variety of different things to amaze people.

In the first hour of this lecture Myles teaches you great, visual, practical and easy to learn ring magic.

Following up by a nice little Sharpie thing and a fun little contribution to the mentalism friends.
Mentalism with an elephant :D and it is very funny.

Then he shows and teaches some very nice coin magic.
A routine he calls - full circle

Followed by a quick and easy sharpie magic.
Production, color change and more.

And the last half hour of the lecture is all about contact juggling like Jareth the Goblin King (played by the great David Bowie ) in the movie The Labyrinth.

A must watch lecture.

Shame on me I didn't know Myles Thorton before this lecture.
Now I'm a fan of his work.

I want to let you know, he is a great teacher. He explains things so everybody will understand what he is teaching.

Also he is such a nice guy you get the urge to hug him :D

Dear Myles thank you for this wonderful lecture



I loved the lecture, especially the relatively easy but very impressive moves with sharpies. The colour changing sharpie is so awesome. And there is a practical and very doable routine with coins that I want to adopt!



This is one of my favorite lectures so far! So many amazing gems that i will definitely use!



Gimmickless tricks from a working magician.

So this is the kind it magic I love. Magic with coins, rings, pens and anything that isn’t cards! Such a relief to watch a lecture without card ticks!

You can see he has worked these effects at gigs. I would use all of these myself! I loved the ring and pen routine, the colour changing pen and the coin routine the most!



What a surprise this excellent lecture was! I didn't think that I would perform 'ring magic' - well I have avoided it apart from the ubiquitous ring vanish for 52 years.
Then I bought Myles’ lecture. All that has now changed. Routines presented in an open and straight forward style from a really original thinker and genuine chap.
Well done! I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend this to you.



Really great lecture that I have ever seen before. Highly recommended. Almost all impromptu tricks.



Awesome lecture!!! I own quite a few of these and love it when I get even more than my moneys worth out if them. Believe me when I say that sometimes they can be disappointing. If your like me and always on the hunt for non-card magic effects this is a good one. I almost alway open with ring stuff and end with cards. I thought I knew a lot of ring sleights until I got this lecture. The first half hour alone I picked up So much new stuff! This lecture is jam packed with magic! Gregory Wilson's is my favorite and this one is quickly approaching a tie with it for me. You'll learn a lot of magic on this one. 6 STARS!!!



I always love books and DVDs that offer more than just card tricks. When I'm performing strolling magic I like to have a good mix of card and non-card (coins, rings, etc.) magic. If you feel the same then this lecture is solid GOLD.

With this lecture, Myles really offers something for everybody. It's hard to pick standouts, because the whole lecture is entertaining and Myles is an excellent teacher. If I really had to choose my favorite bits, they would be Back in Time, Impossible Ring Appearance, Impromptu Assassin, Ring Flurry in a Hurry, and Full Circle. This lecture is truly a MUST for ring and coin workers. However, seeing his work on contact juggling for strolling magicians is really a nice bonus!

Another note: I contacted him via Instagram to ask him a question about the lecture and he responded back right away. Super nice guy.

Highly recommended!!



First saw Myles on Real Workers Jam and he did the Color Changing Sharpie which is on this Live Lecture. Thornton's effects are ingenious and his presentation is easy to follow. Great stuff here. Purchase and literally prepare to amaze. Well done, Myles.



There are some nice tidbits for finger ring magic fans, which I'm not but I have seen some pretty little pieces one can do with a ring. What I was after was the little coin magic performed and explained here. What you get is what the trailer claims. I'm glad I did the purchase.



Great lecture. Loved everything in it!
The ring stuff he teaches here is amazing



What great a lecture from such a genuinely nice guy, so much content you can use adapt and make your own, love it

VI Monthly


Great lecture! Cool impromptu and other tricks! Nice ring tricks!





I was recommended this lecture because of the ring material and it was incredible but honestly there wasn't anything I didn't enjoy all really solid material that you can tell has been tested in the real world!!


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