Branden Wolf Live Lecture

Live lecture by Branden Wolf
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Branden Wolf Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Branden Wolf ($7.95)

Fans of coin magic are in for a treat with this, Branden Wolf's first At The Table Experience. Undoubtedly one of today's underground creative forces in coin magic, Branden shares his treasure box of secrets.

You may know Branden for his Previous DVD release entitled "Wolf" where he taught some of the cleanest & heart-stopping moves that we've ever seen. In this lecture he brings a whole new level of deception to the ring for you as we delve into his world of sleights, moves, routines and icebreakers.

Branden goes over his views on sleight of hand coin magic, his style, coin size, and coin magic's applicability to other areas of sleight of hand magic. He covers a variety of sleights focusing on the age-old retention pass, his work on John Born's fascinating Balance Palm, and the ever-deceptive art of the click pass. Learn to produce, vanish, change, click, and transpose coins in one-off effects and routines. No cards needed. Seriously. There will be a single card trick. Coins will take center stage.

If you're a coin master or just learning to handle silver, Branden will have something that you're going to love.


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I'm going to be a bit biased, But i've been a fan of Branden Wolf ever since his Bison Bend project. He has a unique movement and flow of coin magic than others i've seen. He bring to the table his amazing insight on synchronicity and cool little moves mostly from his Wolf coin DVD. But for me having owned Wolf, there are really no new moves, but really cool variations on those moves. He explained how and why it works. TLDR. Really cool lecture for coin workers and no gimmicks.



This man is a genius. Even Greg Wilson just has to sit back in amazement at how devious his methods are. This is the best at the table I've seen. Get this!