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Live lecture by Eric Jones
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Eric Jones Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Eric Jones (7.95)

Next up, Penn & Teller Fooler and co-founder of Lost Art Magic, Eric Jones brings us his brand new lecture! 

Eric's new lecture won't be filled with knuckle busting technique but rather practical and potent magic that can be mastered in minutes. However, the real secrets to this All New At The Table Live Lecture will discovered as Eric reveals his thoughts on magic performance, theory and structure. Come join us and start the year off with an Experience that will fill your goodie bag with magic from the top pros!


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Running time: 1:58. Tricks performed and taught:

- Smoke effect with an invisible cigarette
- Four kings find three signed cards
- Spellbound (two half dollars appear and change into Chinese coins)
- a Copper/Silver trick that is "mostly self-working"
- a borrowed coin disappears and appears inside a hat (impromptu)
- Two kings find the spectator's card (this is mostly a cool move)

It doesn't sound like a lot, and it doesn't feel like a lot. The effects are great and he goes into a lot of detail, but the downside is if you're not interested in some of them, it feels like wasted time. Most of his coin effects require gimmicks and special coins, which you may already have (but probably not--do you have Chinese coins the same size as half dollars?).

He spends time teaching how to flick a card off the top of the deck, how to do an "elevator cut" (not a full false cut, but it retains a lot), how a flipper works, and other thoughts on performing and creating (practicing to music and putting rhythm in your routines).

He also performs the trick he did on "Fool Us," but doesn't explain it because he's going to sell it on his website. I found this rather annoying, because you can easily go watch that routine separately, and since he didn't teach it, it simply wasted time he could have used for other tricks. I realize a lot of these lectures contain "performance only" sections, but feel like the other ones got through more tricks.

He seemed disappointed at the end because he had other tricks he wanted to get to. I was disappointed too. But it's probably worth it if you want to learn one of those tricks.


Krist Anthony

Eric Jones is one of the best coin magicians in of our time. He is one of the best in his field and he is also a good teacher. His lecture structure is more free flowing with no definite structure. He may be a good teacher but I do not appreciate how he runs his lecture. For one, it would help to have a definite structure wherein there is a section where he performs and explains his tricks and another section dedicated to questions, his philosophy, and creative process. Instead, you get a lecture that is all over the place, with tricks, then questions either come from here and there and then more tricks. It seems cluttered in my opinion.Although I admire the content he shares with regards to his philosophy, his creative process, and other related topics, I find it hard to pinpoint where in the download is he talking to it about.

In terms of the effects that he shares, there is not a variety of the things he shares. Most of which can be found in the products that he had already put out. He performs and explains effects that many magicians can review in their own copies of Extension of Me, or in his Metal DVD series. He may offer a few new takes, new handlings and new approaches to certain effects, but these new updates are few and little in between. The range of effects that Eric shows are not that diverse. What I mean by this is that 90% of what he shares are already products in the magic community, 5% are updated handlings or tweaks if ever, and 5% are either new or unexplained effects. As a student going into a lecture, I expect to learn a variety of new information, not a review of previous materials. I would have wished that Eric would with something old, something new, and even something exclusive to the At the Table experience. I don't appreciate that Eric performed the routine he showed in Penn and Teller, and left it that way. For one, that routine had already been showcased on television in two separate tv shows, and even on the internet. Without adding any explanation or any updates to the moves or anything, it becomes only a showcase again of the routine which adds nothing to the lecture. He claims that he will be releasing the effect on his website in the near future, but in my mind, this is a lecture, wherein students come to learn new things that can improve their magic, not an advertisement booth for people to buy products. Advertising new material has its place in the lecture, but certainly not somewhere in the middle wherein more valuable information can be inserted.

When grouped together, a large chunk of the lecture focuses on questions for Eric and reading unnecessary comments from live feeds. Questions regarding an effect he just explained are very much accepted but reading comments like one particular viewer will be late for work because of the lecture should not be mentioned because it wastes time for valuable information that the rest can benefit from.

I understand that the point of the live lecture is to have a good interaction between the lecturer and the students (live audience and viewers), but Eric should acknowledge some requests from the live feed, such as one viewer asks for a long card routine that he might have, yet Eric proceeded to perform a short coin routine instead. Acknowledging even if not performing is a good way to go.

There had not been much editing done to the video download. One significant editing was done at the beginning wherein Eric performed his variation of Smoke. I believe that a professional lecture especially a live one should be more precise than what was presented. The download should have contained a trimmed down version without any unnecessary moments especially during the live Smoke performance. And to Eric, I appreciate the performance but preparing the props beforehand saves time and opens up windows for more elaboration later on. Cuts hadn't been done during in-between moments for the download, where the viewers see Eric fumble here and there under the table or reaching out to certain items. I understand that the live lecture may contain these, but the video download should have a cleaner version before posted.

Overall, Eric's lecture was pretty good. Despite the clutter that I have seen, his effects are all well thought of and even Chris got inspired to start coin magic because of Eric's performance. I believe that is a strong impression his magic has on people. If you are into coin magic, specifically gaffed coin magic, a review of older materials from 5-10 years ago with minute updates here and there, this lecture is for you.



Great lecture



Eric Jones, such a great performer. Tons of skill and the gift of gab. Helpful hints to get you over hurdles you may have in practice or your routine. Put it all together and learn from one of the best right now. This lecture is legit.



Eric is so smooth when he touches anything or even when he is just pantomiming something. This was the first lecture I bough and one I still find myself going back to watch it. I absolutely recommend this lecture for anyone!


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