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Live lecture by Francis Menotti
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Francis Menotti Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Francis Menotti ($7.95)

With an undisputable passion and love for magic, Francis Menotti is one of the best at taking magic as a craft and turning it into art. Famous for his powerful presentations of magic, we can guarantee that anyone interested in improving their magic will learn something from Menotti.

During this Live Lecture, Menotti will not only perform and teach the inner workings of some of his most famous effects such as Exdyslically Shunuffled, but also bring with him unpublished work on cards, coins and even the mind. In other words, there will be something here for everyone!

No matter where you are in the world - here is your chance to watch and learn from one of the best. Experience Menotti and ask any questions live you might have along the way. 


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In several TheMagicCafe threads this is rated as the 2nd best ATT lecture yet, and honestly it didn't disappoint!

o His Coin/Sharpie routine was really neat and has sparked my creativity when it comes to these props.

o Also he briefly teaches how to do a Faro shuffle and despite how brief it is, it seems to be all i needed. I had never seriously tried before that lecture and now just a few weeks later i am getting almost to a quick and consistent faro!

o Two things to watch/listen for: 1) Watch for his "Prop Map", it is a really neat thing and if you have a stage show i think you owe it to your audiences to use this! 2) Listen for what he and his Magic buddies did to improve their card skills, its a GREAT idea!

ALSO: Just want to say this in case others hesitate to bu this for the reason i did. When i saw "this guy" on P&T: Fool Us right away i knew i didn't like him. He just came across very smug and arrogant to me. I really DID NOT WANT TO BUY this, but it was getting such great reviews! Within 15 seconds (thats an exact time actually XD) though i had completely rewritten my opinion of him and by the end of the lecture i had forgot i ever disliked him. Very humble, very passionate about magic but also words/language/writing and his lecture ended up being a delight to watch.

Overall: You will really enjoy this lecture the first time you watch it, and when you go back through you will get even more out of it!





Francis Menotti Live Lecture by Francis Menotti