Jason England Live Lecture

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Jason England Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Jason England ($7.95)

There are two sides to Jason England: the knowledgeable, affable card man, and the expert cheat. BOTH sides will be covered in detail in this live, online lecture experience.

Over the course of two jam-packed hours, we'll sit down with Jason and ask him his favorite effects to perform, his philosophy of card handling, and tips on quintessential sleights for the magician. Then we'll switch gears and talk about cheating, hustles, and scams. If you love card magic, this is an exclusive opportunity to sit down with one of the world's finest card handlers...all from the comfort of your own home.

You'll learn:

Three Magic Classics
Triumph: We have asked Jason to do something unusual here. He is teaching Vernon's Triumph effect EXACTLY as it appears in Stars of Magic, with the singular addition of Daryl's cutting display sequence. Jason believes this to be an absolutely perfect effect - and we agree. Many great effects have been "killed by improvement," and to have a master teach us the true subtleties of the shuffle sequence and reveal is a rare opportunity you won't want to miss. 

Twisting the Aces: Another Vernon classic that looks effortlessly perfect in Jason's hands. The routine, many feel, needs a stronger finish, and Jason is teaching (with permission) Derek Delgaudio's finesse at the conclusion of the now-classic Twisting the Aces. 

Dunbury's Delusion/Fingerprint Card Trick: This is a workhorse routine that Jason has used faithfully for laymen and magicians for more than twenty years. 

Gambling Section
Poker Tells: Totally unpublished, Jason has asked that we NOT reveal what this effect is, because it will spoil it for you when you see. But we're VERY excited that he is performing AND tipping this for the first time. 

Grand Slam for Bro. John: You teach a spectator how to cheat at Bridge, and then they do! 

The Gathering: Four thought-of cards gather into one hand without your spectators revealing anything about their selections. 

Instant Full House: A full house appears out of nowhere in a head to head game of poker. 

And of course, Jason will take YOUR questions in real time, where he will perform requests and offer tips on his unique approach to magic and cheating.

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An outstanding 2 hour plus joyride inside the mind of Jason England... with Eric Jones riding shotgun, no less. As always, Jason's presentation and instruction is impeccable. Blending magic and gambling effects with nuance and a host of devilish convincers, he hits his spectators with the power of an NFL linebacker. Jason's take on The Gathering is worth the price of admission alone. As a bonus, a PDF index is included for easy reference.

Jason England Live Lecture by Jason England