Joshua Jay Live Lecture 2

Live lecture by Joshua Jay
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Joshua Jay Live Lecture 2

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Live lecture by Joshua Jay ($7.95)

You've seen him on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and even on Penn & Teller's Fool Us. That's right, Joshua Jay is back from a whirlwind of televised appearances for his second At The Table Lecture. The first time he was here, Josh teased us with a routine that fooled Penn and Teller and now he finally reveals the method! As an author of thirteen books on magic, Josh has designed this lecture to not only teach seven amazing tricks in that unique style that only Joshua Jay can deliver, but also serves an extensive lesson on method and practicality. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, there will be something for you with Joshua Jay At The Table. Here's what Josh will be teaching:

Signs: A freely chosen and unseen card is hidden by the spectator. Using three cards in the deck, Josh is somehow able to divine the card's color, value, and suit.

Double Thought: Both the magician and spectator think of a card, and using only the power of intuition, they are both able to pull out the other's selection from a deck of cards.

Weighing Across: If you cross the "Weight Guess" carnival game with the "Cards Across" plot and mix in a pinch of awesomeness, this is the clever routine you'd get. In this multi-phase effect, not only is Josh able to correctly guess how many cards a spectator is sitting on by height, or how many cards is placed in a bag by weight, but he is also able to magically move cards from the pile under the spectator's butt into the pile in the second spectator's bag.

Out of Sight: This is the trick that fooled Penn and Teller and Josh finally reveals his method to this amazing trick. Completely blindfolded, Josh is able to find a freely thought of card in a deck. But more impressively, the rest of the entire deck turns out to be completely blank!

In the Hands Christ: Josh loses four aces in the deck, then proceeds to miraculously find each ace in a different manner. Based on "Henry Christ Aces", Joshua Jay adds a number of touches to make the revelations more powerful and the overall effect more practical.

Face Change: A fantastic color change that happens in front of the magician's face that is both incredibly easy to perform and beautiful to observe.

Triad Coins: An impressive three coin vanish using Joshua Jay's Triad Coins. For anyone that has ever wanted to learn an easy but powerful coin routine, this trick is for you.


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  • Thomas asks: Can I learn the Time Travel magic trick from Joshua Jay on this lecture? If not where can I learn it? And can I learn Triad Coins on this lecture?

    • 1. James answers: You can see the list above. Triad Coins is taught.
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  • Thomas asks: Can I also perform the last vanish of Triad Coins without a watch?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Of course. There are many options.
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  • Sheila asks: By live lecture do you mean it is a live call with him or a video download? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a recording from a past live lecture that will be in the form of a video download.
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Customer reviews for Joshua Jay Live Lecture 2



Simply put, Joshua Jay’s latest (second) At the Table lecture was ‘out of sight’.

He shared one of his best kept secrets, and believe it or not, easiest trick to perform. It’s the trick that fooled Penn & Teller. To watch his trick, Out of Sight, is to witness something with a deck of cards that is so clean, so seemingly move-less, and so straight forward that it’s almost too good to be true.

Although it’s probably not the best effect for a strolling magic job, it plays perfect in every other setting. What’s also great about what Joshua did is, knowing that it’s an item that needs to be purchased to perform, he taught another method to nearly achieve the same brilliant outcome – and most magicians and hobbyist will already have the props on hand to perform it immediately.

The overall theme for this lecture was all about ‘method’, and there’s probably nobody today in the field of magic who better teaches or explains what it takes to pull off a perfect effect with a deck of cards, or a tooth brush for that matter... (you’ll have to watch the lecture to understand the dental reference).

I loved the first trick he performed called ‘Signs’ and tried to reverse engineer the method before he gave it away. I was totally fooled. Again, a relatively easy trick to perform but all the better if you take the time to rehearse the story that goes along with it, or make your own story up, to achieve a minor miracle.

Another nice touch this time around is Joshua taught a few tricks using a memorized deck. Funny enough, I’m trying to memorize a deck of cards, so for me, I loved it. I can see how for some it may have been ‘tricks’ to come back to, but he didn’t spend too much time on it and it certainly didn’t detract from the overall value of the lecture, even if you weren’t interested to learn that area of card magic.

Joshua likes to perform a smattering of marketed items in his lectures, and for me, that’s all the better, because they are seriously quality items that I would want to own anyway. What’s more the nuances he teaches surrounding them sometimes surpasses the original instructions that came with the effects and makes them all the easier to learn.

I highly recommend this lecture and coming on the heels of his friend and business partner, Andi Gladwin’s lecture a few weeks back, October turned out to be a great month to learn some new things. More importantly, the two of them went beyond teaching tricks and covered off on how to make money performing magic and what it takes to create innovative effects to fool you badly...

Dwain Schenck



It was a pleasure watching such a professional discuss and explain some outstanding effects. He combines great technique with logical methods. He is one of the finest of his generation.


Krist Anthony

Joshua Jay is an excellent lecturer. I have watched and studied a number of the At the Table Lectures and I can say that Josh is one of the most organized and most skilled in delivering. For one, he explains beforehand the objectives of his lecture, gives the audience a preview of things that we can expect from this lecture, and ends the lecture with something that will leave an impression on the audience. As a teacher and lecturer myself, this is a sign of great professionalism in any field. I also am impressed with the editing and the pacing of the video download wherein the viewers don't see Josh fumbling for props and stuff under the table in between discussions, which is a great timesaver. Cuts had been done to eliminate these time-consuming parts. His effects, methods, and explanations are all top notch as expected of the quality of magic Josh delivers. And I appreciate that the material he shares are a mix of what he had already put out, what he had been working on and what has not yet been shared.If you are serious about taking your magic to the next level, consider purchasing this lecture, it is well worth every penny.


Pranav Harish

Great lecture! The theme for the lecture was 'method which was great. Joshua teaches, probably the easiest but most powerful trick on here 'Out of Sight, the trick that he used to fool Penn & Teller. He also taught tricks using a memorized deck which was really good. Overall the tricks were really good, and I would highly recommend it!



Short wall of text,

I like Joshua's personality, that's why he is my number one, and I wasn't disappointed by this lecture. These tricks are awesome, not a hard to do, and still awesome and this is what I like. Personality/show/comedy which you can pull is the key to success in magic, magic was always about "comedy" in my opinion if you can make people laugh you always win.
At the end these tricks are hell good, and simple.

Great lecture., Sorry for my english but I hope that you ubderstand.





Well im really glad I bought this lecture but the big problem is that there are only 2 impromptu effects 2 effects you have to buy: triad coins and out of sight and 3 effects that either need a setup you cannot do on the fly or a deck with special cards.
Even though there are a lot of cons i think its worth the money hes thinking is very interesting and hes methods are unusually unique so 4 out of 5 stars