Nicholas Einhorn Live Lecture

Live lecture by Nicholas Einhorn
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Nicholas Einhorn Live Lecture

7.95 usd

Live lecture by Nicholas Einhorn ($7.95)

Nick Einhorn: Nick is absolutely amazing. Having fooled Penn & Teller on the famous UK show, 'Penn & Teller - Fool Us', Nick is bringing you a lecture that you will not forget. Having authored numerous books and magic effects including, Nest of Wallets, Spooked, Pro-Flite and so much more, Nick will be showcasing his style of magic. He will also share with you his tips on how to book gigs, approaching a table or group of people, how to routine and much much more!

Money Deck - This is a surprise production of four coins that appear under a ribbon spread deck of cards. (Please note - the "surprise" is not guaranteed if you just read the above).

Unicorn Coin in Bottle - Nick's routining and handling of this classic effect. This is suitable for banquet tables and general close-up work. Plus, Nick shares with you his thoughts on the wear and tear of folding coins.

Signature Triumph - An in-the-hands version of Triumph with a very surprising ending. This effect is ideal for the 'mix and mingle' close-up performer.

Co-op - A quick and quirky color changing card which makes a perfect opener for a strolling close-up act!

Gold Rush - A tried and tested routine for the classic 'Ring Flight' which maximizes the visual moment of the vanishing ring.

Rainbow Deck - Nick's routine and handling of this great utility prop!

Ring on String - Here you will learn Nick's thoughts, handling and routining for this classic effect!

Pro-Flite - Nick shares with you his marketed performance of the classic Ring Flight effect. (Performance Only)

Nest of Wallets - A best seller! Nick will perform for you his routine and will cover with you all of the nuances that make this effect so killer and so strong.

Autographical Transposition - If you are bored of the $100 bill switch, then try THIS the next time you are performing at the tables.

Serial Number Devination - A sneaky and devious method to divine numbers on a random borrowed bill.

Hidden Influence - An amazing and seemingly impossible prediction which happens in the spectator's own hands!

Carat & Schtick - Sometimes it is the small comedic moments in between routines which make a real difference to an act. This little bit of fun will ALWAYS get a laugh and gasp. Aces 4 U - A four ace production on the offbeat.

IMP Force & Applications - This force is a great utility which leads in to multiple and unlimited opportunities. (Card at Any Number, an UN-gimmicked Brainwaved effect or even a You Find It plot)

Watch Match - A coincidence effect utilizing two borrowed watches.

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.


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Customer reviews for Nicholas Einhorn Live Lecture



For $7.95 I would suggest everyone buy this. Nick is a great teacher and the effects on here are simple but first class. You will go out and buy pro flight and nest of wallets once you see this. Saw demo of these at Blackpool convention where Nick took the time to show everyone his technique. Well worth having



Wow!! If only I had a larger vocabulary to express how amazing this is! I am a long time fan of Mr. Einhorn and a proud owner of a few of his marketed effects. It was a no brainier to purchase this lecture. The material on this download is brilliant! If sold as separate effects, each trick would be worth double the cost of the download, and more, EACH! Simply awesome! Outstanding material and teaching, from a world class pro!



I know Nicks work and have seen him perform and lecture. All I can say is I sincerely hope my fellow colleagues in my country overlook his routines so that I have exclusivity and that new guys make a serious study of his routines in terms of structure and what plays big for normal audiences. I say that because the routines are right out of a performing professionals repertoire and immediately usable.I will be using four of his effects straight from this lecture. Absolutely recommended !



Strong magic, only worker material. Easy to do, no crazy handling, entertaining routines, high impact magic - that´s all you can ask for. There are gimmicks involved in some of the tricks. Some of them you will need to buy, others you can do yourself. But in this case it is well worth the extra dollar or the effort to construct the gimmick.
High Qualtity - can´t recommend that enough !! The best lecture I saw.



British magicians just seem to go the extra mile. When you think of classic magic expertly done and then made fresh again, the name Nicholas Einhorn must come to mind. For the price of two Starbucks coffees, you will receive a treasure trove of effects and tips that will keep you on your game for months.
Classy, classy routines that elevate the art and inspire you. Here is a man who truly loves and thinks deeply about magic and it shows. We need more magicians like Nicolas Einhorn and more lectures of this caliber. Clearly, one of the best.



I bought the lecture only to learn the raimbow deck routine because i had read good reviews . i must admit that for 7,95 it would have been a bargain if the lecture had only this routine. So buy it! I think Nicholas is a great magician and a great teacher and his routines are truly workers!



Amazing Lecture.
His color changing deck routine maybe the strongest card trick I have ever seen. But everything in this lecture is great.
Just buy it !
It is worth 30$



Nick einhorns lecture is brilliant. All real world effects that are designed for the worker. The production of 4 coins is a practical lead in to a 4 coin routine. Other highlights for me are his coin in bottle routine whixh was instrumental in me actually trying this old effect. His handling is perfect for rhe table worker. Also his rainbow deck routine a real fooler! Alao he demonstrates a few of his professional borrowed ring routines. Ring flight. Which i have and ring in nest of wallets. In fact all the items you could use professionally. Highly recommended.



One of the best lectures, if not the best one I have seen. A big thanks to Nick for his generosity in sharing so many of his personnel routines. All very do-able, and for a really small cost.



This is my favourite lecture. I've used a few tricks from it. Some great ideas and at the price you really can't go wrong. From this I've bought Pro-flite, which I can also recommend and nest of wallets which only arrived yesterday but I'm sure will be great to.



Absolutely wonderful! Full of so much amazing material, from quickfire card tricks to multi-phased barnstormers. Nick has an incredible gift of threading several hard-hitting moments of magic together into a single, cohesive routine that flows and makes logical sense. His Unicorn Coin in Bottle is a great example of this, as is his combination of Pro-Flite, Ring on String, and Nest of Wallets. Highly recommended! For the price, you seriously cannot go wrong.



Great lecture, wow. Picked up some great routines. Actually purchased a prism deck and pro flight from vanishing Inc after seeing what could be achieved. Brilliant.





I really loved this lecture. There was a lot of variety in the props he used which I liked. My favourite trick from here was his rainbow deck routine. It is relatively easy to do, and gets great reactions. His ring routine is also brilliant, with so many magic moments. I highly recommend this lecture

Nicholas Einhorn Live Lecture by Nicholas Einhorn