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Shin Lim Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Shin Lim ($7.95)

Shin Lim: His magic has to be seen to be believed. As he rates an "11" on the scale of amazing, when you see his magic live, you will rub your eyes in disbelief! He creates some of THE most visual and stunning magic that you will EVER see, including "The Switch" and "IClear". In his lecture, Shin will share with you some of his gimmicked wonders, and will even share material that has not been released before. He will also talk about his creative process, theory, music, timing, syncing, connection, and atmosphere. Shin will also perform his FISM act, and then break it all down for you. THIS is a lecture you just cannot miss. Shin will cover:


Shinsplint 2.0: An impromptu 'Twisting the Aces' effect that happens in the most visual way possible. You cleanly hold four aces with just your fingertips and magically, one by one, they invert themselves!

4x4 color change: (This is Shin's favorite way to change four cards out at a time.) Imagine holding four aces and with just a wave of your hand, they immediately change into 4 kings!

Color Changes: Shin Lim is known for his visual eye candy magic. Prepare to witness his favorite original color changes, as well as his take on some classic changes too!

Snap Change: Shin covers his variations on Ed Marlo's Snap Change.


Tactic: This gimmick will allow you to vanish a folded card in a Tic-Tac box. It's clean, easy, and has multiple routines and unlimited possibilities. Shin goes over just some of the ideas and routines that he has thought of.

**An At the Table EXCLUSIVE! Will NOT be taught anywhere else!**
Matrix Reloaded:
A very CLEAN way to gaff a playing card to be able to conceal a quarter. This WILL change the way you perform a coin matrix!

ROUTINING: Shin will be performing his FISM act, and will then break down and cover parts of the act.


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  • Muhammad asks: Is this a download video or dvd or what?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This particular version is a download. We have the DVD available too.
    • 2. Sean answers: Great? I can't find it on your site?
  • Caleb asks: How long does the lecture go for?

    • 1. Oliver answers: It's 1 hour 57mins
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  • Sean asks: A big fan of shin Lim - do you have the DVD version though? - just so I can play it on big screen TV not on my PC desktop!? Thanks.

    • 1. Sean answers: I also wanted to ask if you needed to buy 52 shades of red/gimmicks to perform any of effects on his lecture?
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Customer reviews for Shin Lim Live Lecture



I'm terrible with cards, but I bought this because I love Shim's acts, and was interested in seeing him perform and hearing about how he sets his acts to music. From that perspective, I loved this. He performed "52 shades of red" and then explained most of it. He went through the entire process of making a flap card, which is very cool and anyone can use them. He talked about black art, gave tips, explained vanishes, etc. I thought it was great.

If you've seen Shim before, it's no surprise that his tricks are VERY hard to do. If you're expecting to learn all his moves, be prepared to practice a lot. He does teach one card control (based off a color change) that even I can do. The "tic-tac" gimmick is great, and again, anyone can make it and use it (the folded card inside the box turns into their card when you dump it out). If you like mercury folds, he shows a method you can use right in front of someone. He also performs an early version of "The Dream Act," but doesn't explain it.



Very useful and informative. Lots of things were taught including Shin Splint, 4x4 change and a twist of snap change. The contents taught in here are worth more than they're sold.



This is an absolutely brilliant lecture. I learnt a lot and highly recommend it.
He starts off by going into a detailed explanation of 52 shades of red. Even though I already owned this, I still learned from this. Just a warning: you won't be able to do the whole routine just from this lecture. He teaches and shows the main parts, but not everything.
Next up he shows a cool tiktak gimmick. This is a cool gimmick that has a lot of possibilities.
Shins twisting the aces routine shinsplint is probably my favourite part of the lecture. It is very difficult, but it is extremely visual.
Shin also teaches a nice control and some things related to the snap change.
Lastly, he performs the dream act and teaches the mercury fold.
This lecture is brilliant. I highly recommend it.



With all his appearances on AGT and other nationally televised show appearances. Shin Lim is probably responsible for turning thousands on to magic. His At The Table is great



More than just for the effect itself (going through 52 shades of red is always fun) but this lecture was brilliant for all of the inside tips that you often don’t hear about. Plus, all the other tricks that are taught truly make this a steal.



Good lecture for the price. Good information if you haven't seen Shim magnets, flap cards, etc.





Nice lecture



I do not believe it is possible to watch a lecture and not get some points or effects that make it well worth the low price, however usually these lectures go SO FAR above and beyond expectations and this one just didn't. Not a bad lecture by any means, just not a great one.

He does a twisting the Aces that is HYPER visual and looks just fantastic, but be warned it is also extremely knacky.

He also shows you a 4x4 Change which if you are on Instagram you have probably seen. Looks really good and is not that hard with just a little bit of practice and getting a feel for it.

He also goes over some magnets that he sells, which have alot of neat applications, and how to make Flap Cards too.

They're were many other aspects which he just never really got around to teaching, or flew through long explanations and then didn't want to "re-go over" the material.

They're were plenty of times in the lecture when he was just showing off, and i do NOT mean that in a bad way! He is amazingly skilled (you have no idea until you see his 6 card snap change and reverse snap changes XD), and it is extremely fun to watch some of this stuff especially because it is inspiring to see just what mastery of our art can look like. But at the end of the day he still spent maybe 40 minutes just showing weird knacky flourishes and joking around, not a bad thing just not exactly what i payed to watch ya know? Hope that makes sense.
(especially dissapointed he didnt even provide references for some of the stuff because i would really love to master the "blow twirl flourish thingie" but i dont even know where to find it!)

Overall enjoyable! And in theory the lecture has a lot of awesome stuff, but practically speaking i dont think you will get to much you can use.

Shin Lim Live Lecture by Shin Lim