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Simon Black Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Simon Black ($7.95)

Chicago's fastest rising star in the magic community, Simon Black joins us for an At The Table Experience. Simon is one of the younger artists we have featured on At The Table and soon you'll see why. Simon has rapidly proven himself to be amongst the top sleight-of-hand card guys in the industry. With his fast-paced mind and even quicker hands, he's been able to add improvements on some of the most daunting sleights out there. Simon joins us for his very first lecture, where he'll be teaching you his work on his Swivel Technique, Paradigm Shift, Cover Pass, Bertram Change, and too much more to list here. Each session that we spend with Simon is an enlightening card handler's party. His moves are as smooth as a fresh jar of Skippy. Flourishy, flashy magic which, once mastered, is sure to impress and astound your close-up audience.

Get your cards and warm up your fingers, we've got a session that you'll want to see to believe.


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The First 1st hour of the lecture was really annoying! I thought this guy is a kid... He is showing off to much and to much quoting from books. I just did not like him... But then I realised... I am a little jealous and he isn't showing off so much on purpose - it's just his Charakter :) (a bit like my little brother a few years ago...)

Wach this lecture! Still a little annoying guy, but good things to learn - magic and things to reflect yourself. Mr. Wilson is a great antipole!



Now let me be clear before I go into why I rated this lecture so poorly... Simon Black is a technical freak. He can do sleights some of us will never achieve in a lifetime and he’s 20(ish). But he still has much to learn. His frantic rambling gets annoying instantly. He claims to be an expert on literally everything to the point where he seems to come up with theory that isn’t event rational theory just to justify being an expert. His ego is insane. Cockiest magician I’ve ever heard speak. He is good. So he should be confident. But humble, he is not. And if I had a dollar for everything he thinks of something and says “oh I can’t teach that, it’s too good”.. or when he gives tips and makes it seem like it’s literally the best kept secret in magic and it ends up being something impractical. I like that Greg Wilson says “and some of it is practical” during the introduction because despite being a technical whiz, you can often achieve the same effects with easier moves. Simon is one of those people who do difficult moves under your nose just to rub in that he can do them. Very antagonistic to what Vernon taught. I’m curious to see if he comes across as frantic and cocky in his formal shows. I’m afraid that most of his magic would leave the audience thinking “his sleight of hand is good” whereas my goal is for them to say “he didn’t even do sleight of hand. That was impossible”. Not that I’m remotely as technically proficient as Simon but presentationally, I believe I would achieve the same level, if not more, of wonder from an audience with less knuckle busting. I couldn’t make it past the halfway point of the lecture. No clear structure. I will say that the only entertaining part is a few of Greg’s under the radar jabs he takes at Simon, in a playful way. I guess that’s my only way to justify the money I just threw away.

I think you’d be better served buying ANY other live at the table lecture. There are some gems out there. This is not one of them.

Simon Black Live Lecture by Simon Black