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Assassin - magic

The real-world secrets to truly killing every performance and becoming a true magic "assassin". 260-pages of insights and material that can advance your career, both artistically and lucratively, and take you to the next level or get you back on track.

"This is a master work written by a stone cold pro who's done it all. Invaluable golden info and inspiration for any magician looking to up their game." Paul Harris

Over the last five decades, Steve Spill has seen it all. Now, he leaves no stone unturned with Assassin, his incredible hardcover book that every magician should read.

Being a mega-star magician is not a reality for most magicians. David Copperfield, David Blaine, Dynamo, Derren Brown, Penn & Teller...these types of magicians are the exception, not the rule. Yet, there are also many magicians that have garnered massive success in their own right and live incredible lives. Assassin by Steve Spill proves you can be one of them!

This page-turning book is for the competent performer that desires a calendar full of gigs, a residency, or even their own theater. Steve Spill has enjoyed those luxuries and uses Assassin to offer you a step-by-step guide built from real-life experience.

Of course, he also shares a ton of audience-tested material. You'll get gems like:

  • Love Letter: An enchanting reverse fortune-telling routine based on a clumsy mistake by the postal system that caused you to receive a letter that was sent nearly 100 years prior.
  • Enzymes: A borrowed credit card appears in a gift-wrapped Cracker Jack box.
  • Choker: A PSA about how to save a choking victim that finishes with the surprise appearance of a large bottle of wine.
  • Java Script: A empty Thermos continues to refill itself with nine clear mugs of black coffee in this charming routine that ultimately provides a bit of connective tissue for your whole show.
  • Pink Flamingo: A fun routine based around the varying styles of magicians that ends with a lit candle transforming into the color and design of an invisible pocket square imagined by a spectator.
  • And seven other fantastic performance pieces!

"Assassin is just too good to share with new generations ... I Just want to have it for myself ... If I would just have known about this book 40 years ago, to save time ... But really, You give them far too much ... it's pure gold ..." Gaetan Bloom

"Regardless of your age or magic experience, if you've ever thought about magic as a profession, you need this book. Highly recommended." Michael Close

"If you want to develop a show and make a good living doing a hard job then you should invest in this master class on magic."Norman Beck

"In ASSASSIN Steve Spill lays out, with astonishing clarity, the process of developing and refining performance material that is novel, authentically you, and strong enough to kill. He also shares lethal material. This is a must read for anyone who performs stand-up magic." Nathan Coe Marsh, Genii Magazine

Hardcover | 260 Pages


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