Bairn - The Brain Children of Ken Dyne

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Book by Ken Dyne ($97.00)

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Bairn - The Brain Children of Ken Dyne  - magic

Step inside the mind of one of the UK's working mentalists, and take a peek in his secret notebook.

Bairn contains more than 40 practical mentalism routines for close up, parlour and stage.

Inside of this 268 tomb you'll find mentalism that is surprising, shocking and above all - worked for real audiences under fire at private parties corporate events and on luxury cruise ships all over the world.

Routines Include:

- Accidental Mental Square. A surprise ending for the magic square this exciting, unexpected and logical.
- One Short Way To Play Fair. What is touted ad Ken's Card at Any Number that is fooling everyone in his lectures.
- Step Up. Volunteers step forward when they sense you are holding their unseen drawings which co-created with Banachek (name drop!)
- Bookend. A whole act in three parts that delivers a surprise punch that knocks your audience dead at the end of your show.
- E1. When a volunteer chooses any one of 5 face-up words that audience members wrote down there is no way you could predict that, right? Wrong. It's the ONLY word spelled out on enormous letters in the envelope that's been standing there the whole time.

Plus much more totalling over 40 routines.

Bairn is presented in a hard-hitting, entertaining way that is not for the easily offended. All professionally illustrated by Phill Smith. Bairn will shock you!

Some of the most direct and stunning pieces of mindreading available on the market...Bairn is filled with powerful material.Magic Magazine
The most important book since Maximum entertainmentAtlas Brookings
Wow... fantastic... not one, not two but a whole book on remarkable ideas and effects. These effects will smack your audience in the face. You can tell that these are not pipe dreams, they are the work of a professional who has sorted out each and every little nuance to get the most bang from the presentations. I love the fact that unlike most routines that have a set conclusion, Kennedy has worked hard to give us a surprise ending, a smack in the face that will bring the most skeptical person to their feet. I love this thinking and will be adding some of these ideas to my own mentalism tool box.Banachek


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Customer reviews for Bairn - The Brain Children of Ken Dyne



WOW! Such a wonderful book! Speaking just as a reader, this book is so well but together! Also, the material is top notch!



Hi All you lovers of mentalism,
I just want to say my humble views about this wonderful book,''Bairn'' by Ken Dyne.
Although a bit expensive ($97)and more if it needs to go overseas also the text could have been bigger for an easier read BUT it's 268 pages and a lot of strong mentalism Personally I found 9 blockbusters in it.
Well done Ken and hope that some of the material from the book will land on a DVD in the near future.
Guys, if you are serious about mentalism this book is a MUST have.
Frank Agius(been full time for the past 25 years and still going of course.



I struggled whether to give this the full Excellent! or only a "good". It is a really great book with a lot of workable routines, but some of them (more than not) I wished I could have seen performance videos, and at the end of every routine, there is a big box saying "Bonus Material: watch videos and get extra tips!" with a link to a site... except that link is no longer active. And apparently there is a Facebook group for the book which I requested to join, but after a couple of weeks, still, no one has accepted my request.

I've contacted Ken Dyne himself about all of this and he just said "videos are no longer available" (with no explanation as to why... I have videos that have been up for 20 years!) and as for the Facebook group, he said he'll get around to adding me eventually. Doesn't exactly instill confidence in the way he puts out material, and honestly, if it was any other book, I would have given it a much more negative review just for the lack of what was promised and the attitude, but it really is a great book, so...