Colombini's Cups and Balls

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Colombini's Cups and Balls - magic
Colombini's Cups and Balls Colombini's Cups and Balls Colombini's Cups and Balls

Colombini's performance of the Cups and Balls was sometimes described as watching flowing water, as every gesture and move was motivated and blended one into another. Now you can learn this talked-about and award-winning masterpiece. However, few copies remain, so purchase yours today!


  • The Cups and Balls: The Colombini Presentation
  • Set-Up, Getting Ready
  • The Optical Move: suggests that the inside of each cup is shown while placing them all mouth-down
  • The Can-Can Move: Each cup is tossed hand to hand, without revealing the hidden balls
  • The Tilt Move: First ball penetration
  • The Flying Catch: balls resting on top of inverted cups are "wriggled" underneath
  • The Traveling Balls: Balls move from cup to cup
  • Ball Through Table, Hand and Cup: more penetrations
  • Miller Penetration: Charlie Miller move as described in the Dai Vernon Book of Magic
  • The Balls Penetrate Two Cups
  • The Ultimate Vanish: a ball vanishes when two cups are clashed together, and the cups are shown empty
  • The Final Load: performing the loading
The Climax: revealing the three loads

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When I went to a brick and mortar magic shop a decade ago to get myself a nice set of cups and balls, the proprietor of the shop told me of a mythical routine where the performer used six balls and made it appear that only three were used- probably in an attempt to get me to buy more balls. (He succeeded.) Columbini's routine is full of fascinating proposals that feel like they're all competing with one another within his routine. The routine is full of flashy flips and cleverness for cleverness's sake- I recommend giving this a read, watching the man's routine online, then taking a move or two and adapting it to suit your purposes.



Not written with enough detail to be able to perform the moves, and sometimes the photos appear to contradict the text. Watching a performance of Colombini would seem to show the moves being performed marginally differently to what is being suggested in the book, which is important if you are trying to master some of the techniques. Not recommended