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Tangram - Volume 1 - magic
Tangram - Volume 1 Tangram - Volume 1

We are, quite simply, in awe of Tangram. But it's hard to describe what it is. It has the same vibe and feel as the sleight-of-hand journal The Neat Review, but the scope has been widened to include all things that would appeal to those of us who love mystery, art, puzzles, and "play." The debut issue features an in-depth exploration into the artwork of Tobias Dostal. We know Tobias as a magician, but his artwork is even quirkier than his magic...and just as visually surprising. We get to learn about Polly Morgan, an artist whose work transcends the art gallery and uses a medium you wouldn't expect.

The magazine itself is gorgeous, with stunning photographs and sparse, thoughtful prose; it is, itself, a kind of playful work of art. And at less than thirty dollars for this full-color, thick magazine, it's an absolute bargain. You won't learn any magic within its pages, but what you are certain to achieve is a heightened sense of aesthetics and a viewpoint that will expand your creative horizons. We simply can't wait for Issue 2.


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I thoroughly enjoyed Tangram. At first blush, I thought it was overpriced for a magazine, but after holding it in my hands and seeing the thought that went into it and the quality of the materials, I realize it's actually more like a bargain for a good art book. Reading it gave me a feeling similar to wandering through my favorite art museums (a welcome feeling, given that I haven't gotten to do that in over a year), and I'm planning to cut out and frame a few of the larger art pages for my office. And once I finished reading it, I realized there was an additional layer to the whole thing that I missed my first time through, so I ended up getting twice as much enjoyment out of it than I originally expected.



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